What did the Vikings Teach Us?

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What did the Vikings Teach Us?

Brutal warriors that drank the blood of their foes? Savage raiders that would shred foes to dust with axe? No, that was not the true image of the Vikings. They might have been somewhat brutal in wars because they had to be so or else the Viking glorious flag would stop waving. But the Vikings were true legends teaching us many life lessons that even might have been ahead of their time. 

Image of Viking warrior

The Vikings were ahead of their time

1. Respect Women

As far as we believe, respecting women was one of the best points that showed the Vikings were ahead of their time. Unlike other tribes in their times, the Vikings expressed their great amount of respect to the Viking women. For example, the Viking women had many same rights as the Viking men, such as the right to own land, to divorce, or to accuse the man. If a Viking man intentionally tried to touch the Viking woman without her permission, he might be punished severely. Or if a Viking woman felt chained or there happened to be domestic abusement, she could divorce and flee from the people she regarded as a danger. However, the Viking marriage was usually based on the parental decision which meant many Viking women could not get married to their beloved. 

2. Stay Ambitious

Without the burning ambition and the urge to find out what existed outside the border, the Vikings would not have had become so famous for their great achievements. Viking ambitions were the inner voices that called them to keep on moving forward. Those were conquering new land and gaining respect. Viking voyages and achievement taught us to step out of our comfort zone, rise, and expand from our current status. It is not 100% of the miracle that deliberately happens to us. It is our ambition that motivates us to grab the miracle. So, get busy living or get busy dying.

Image of Viking lessons Viking ships Viking Serpents

3. Learn the Value of Strength

The Vikings knew strength was the thing that would keep themselves alive in the hard climate and chaotic times. They chopped wood, hunted animals, and set sail every day. Their stamina was built up by that way. Gradually. They even became a nightmare for their victims because of their wars and raidings.

But what do we lift every day? Respect for those who exercise or have physical work today. But many of us lift our smartphones only. These days men lack of both physical and mental power! Many of us are so in love with the Vikings that we try to look like a Viking. But hardly do we know that the appearance is temporary but the spirit inside is permanent. We might put on the Viking-motif clothes and the Viking Jewelry but we forget the personality is the main thing that keeps the Vikings attractive and inspiring. A Viking child started their job by watching and imitating the adults day by day. We can start a habit change by doing the same. 


We are not trying to abuse anyone's love and respect to the Vikings. The topic is merely discussing the lessons that we might derive from the Viking Daily Life. As the Viking lovers, we have the Viking warrior spirit and the Viking DNA running in our veins. The point is that whether can we unleash the hidden potentials or not. If you want to get more inspiration in life, check out other blog posts on BaviPower: 

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