8 Lessons From Viking Warriors (Part 1 of 2)

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8 Lessons From Viking Warriors (Part 1 of 2)

The Vikings were regarded as one of the most savage warriors who would sacrifice their life to raiding and pillaging. In the eyes of the victims, the Vikings were the real monsters. In the meantime, the Vikings honored their raiding actions. But we are not to decide who was right or wrong in those ancient battles, we are to extract the lessons from the Viking raiding battles and generally the Viking culture. 

1. Welcome death with both hands

Instead of fearing death, accepting death with both hands is the way for us to explore the world and gain more experience in life. If death is welcomed, there was no limit to what you are going to achieve. We are only humans and we fear not only death but also unknown scenario, failures, and judgments. But who cares, life begins at the end of our comfort zone. If we are not willing to step out of our comfort zone and take the challenge, we will never discover our potential and our purpose in life. 

Image of Viking warriors battles

Vikings welcoming death with both hands

The Vikings accepted death in their battles. They feared nothing and everything feared them. This was because of their attitude which was the fearlessness. But remember that the Vikings were willing to sacrifice their life wisely to serve a right purpose. That is to say, we welcome death, challenge, failure, and judgment as long as it is deserving. We do not waste our life and suffering into nonsense things because that is not the Viking spirit. 

2. Eat whatever land provides

Food the Vikings ate in the past was healthy as we can see today. They cultivated their own land and grew green vegetables there. They raised their own cattle for meat and milk. The Vikings went on fishing, too. Those things became daily food for the Vikings. They grew up with eating such healthy and homemade food. No processed food like us today! They consumed such normal things but they survived and part of their society became the strongest and most feared warriors in their times. 

Eat more veggies. Eat more fresh meat. Eat lots of fatty fish. And eat more fruits.

3. Do what others cannot do

Maybe this attitude was derived from the Viking culture. They wanted more. They did not fear death upcoming. They wanted to try things that could not be done. This might be quite conflicting as one might ask how come things, that could not be done, could be done by the Vikings. Then why not? Things that other tribes dared not to try but they Vikings tried and succeeded. The Vikings went on raiding through their ships and discovered lands. Many tribes (I would prefer not to name) just followed the ancestral steps and stayed within their lands. They were afraid of moving from this village to the other, let alone moving to the other continent by ships. But the Vikings did. And more importantly, they succeeded. 

Some of us today have done things that others cannot do. But that is just the minority of us. We do set our goal and do want to achieve that goal. But we barely start to do. And yes, it is correct that the first step is the hardest one. We might fail and we quite. But the warrior spirit and culture did not allow the Viking to do so. They were ambitious and always wanted more. They knew their lifespan was short and they would not waste such valuable time pondering. They just did it. 

4. Hard climate that worked

The Vikings lived and thrived in a very hard climate. It was very difficult for them to grow crops and build colonies. But they still became the tough farmers, fishermen, and warriors in their times. The point was that they trained their body through their hard climate every day and they were not afraid of it. 

Image of Viking warriors in battles

Viking warriors fighting

The lesson here is that take something tougher. People who persist in physical labor or exercise will get a thick skin and can improve their stamina. This is good for health and can expand the lifespan. The key to become a hard man/woman is about the repetition. Never refuse to be with something tough. Because things you suffer today will bear fruits in the future. 

So, always take the hard path. It is not a comfortable idea to think about. Yes, we agree. But just take the tougher things instead of the easier ones. Do what's a little bit tougher because it will make you a little bit tougher day by day. 


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