Lessons That We Can Learn From Thor

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Lessons That We Can Learn From Thor

Among the Norse pantheon, there was barely a god whose reputation could rival the reputation of Thor. Thanks to the modern adaptations into movies, Thor was much more famous in this day and age. Though many might read Norse myth just because it's interesting, there are lessons that we can extract from the myth and especially from the famous Thor.

Due to his overwhelming fame, we don't need much introduction or explanation about Thor. Thor was the son of Odin and he was the god of thunder and storm who could strike lightning and create thunder with his hammer. The hammer of Thor (Mjolnir) was not only powerful but it also became the symbol of Thor and his strength. Many Viking warriors chose the Mjolnir hammer to become their talisman. Because they worshipped Thor and would always want Thor to strength them. Bt what there the lessons that we can learn from Thor in this day ane?

Thor was the symbol of manliness

Manliness appears when a man has qualities or physical features that people admire and expect from a man. Thor had this manliness. He even had the internal manliness. 

Contradict the modern image we might know about Thor, he was displayed in Norse mythology as a man with red hair and a long beard. He was muscular and is believed to have to body that many desired. While Odin cultivated his knowledge in the mind (mentally), Thor learned how to cultivate his body shape to improve his health and physic. 


The generosity of Thor was that Thor treated the others with his own generosity. He defended for both Adgard and Mingard. He helped the gods out of their difficulties and also the ordinary human. While Odin was mysterious and favored the royal while Thor only both the royal. Soon after, he and the ordinary people. The first bird catches the worm, right?

The more people learn about Thor will see that he was a good man with the bottomless generosity. He even used his Mjolnir hammer to give other blessings during their birthday or wedding. 

Practice makes perfect

We have to dig quite deep to understand this lesson from Thor. Well, the most powerful weapon of Thor was the Mjolnir hammer, wasn't it? It was presented to Thor by Loki and the hammer was not created by Thor or any god. It was from the dwarves who lived in Svartalfheim. That might be the reason why Thor had to learn how to use the weapon before carrying it with him into battles. That was not to mention the fact that Mjolnir hammer was not perfect because the dwarves from Svartalfheim unintentionally miss-forged it  The effort to master Mjolnir hammer was worth the try because it helped Thor to understand more about the Mjolnir and to use it. Without this type of mastery, the weapons would be useless. 

The lesson is that the more you practice something, the more likely it is to become your second nature. We might think that as long as we have a home gym, we will do exercise and have a perfect shape. Or if we have the smart devices, we will be much more productive, etc. But the point is, even if we have such smart and intelligent weapons, our life just stayed pretty much the same if we do nothing. So what matters is about the action. Though the very first steps will be hard and if you keep practice then you will succeed.

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