Why Baldur Survived in Norse Mythology?

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Why Baldur Survived in Norse Mythology?

Baldur was one of the most beloved gods in Norse mythology. Not just because he was handsome and nice but also because Baldur survived Ragnarok while nearly all gods fell. The question here is, how and why could Baldur survive the destructive Ragnarok in Norse mythology?

Who was Baldur? 

For those who are new to Norse mythology, Baldur was the son of Odin the Allfather who ruled over Asgard. Simply, Baldur was half-brother of Thor. While Thor was never recognized as the Prince of Asgard, Baldur was. Because he was the son of Odin and Frigg the only Queen of Asgard. 

He was born and raised in Asgard, for the rest of his life, he was lived among the love of gods. Everyone in Asgard loved Baldur who would treat people around him with kindness and justice. The only problem with Baldur was that he dreamt of his own death. This scared gods as the death of Baldur was the first sign of Ragnarok. 

What had to come finally came. Baldur's death came out of the blue. But this event saved Baldur's life. 

Baldur in Helheim

The moment Loki shot the arrow through Baldur, the Prince fell dead on the spot. He was brought to Helheim immediately. There, Hel the daughter of Loki welcomed Baldur. Many times Odin attempted to bring his son back to Asgard; yet, Hel never agreed. Odin might be powerful and revered everywhere in Nine Cosmos, but not in Helheim. No one could ever change Hel's decision. 

Hel the Queen of Helheim in Norse mythology
Hel the Queen

However, we have to be grateful to Hel's decision because she helped save Baldur away from Ragnarok where Baldur's father and brother fell. 

Because Baldur stayed in Helheim, he never joined the army in Asgard. And because of this, he was protected. After Ragnarok, Baldur came back to life, leaving Helheim.

Odin's Legacy

Odin fell. Loki fell. Thor fell. Fenrir and Jormungandr were all defeated. But life still carried on. Time would wait for none. There must be someone to carry on the legacy. And it was Baldur. 

This was a kind of fate. They were all set for their responsibilities. While Hel was still the leader of the underworld, Baldur came back to his home and rebuild the Pantheon once again. 

Back to the days of Baldur's funeral, Odin once gave Baldur his Draupnir ring. This was possibly a prophecy of Odin as well as a reminder of Odin toward his son. Odin wanted Baldur to uphold his values and come back to Asgard one day. The only Prince of Asgard was Baldur. 

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