Vegvisir Symbol: May Viking Compass Protect and Guide You

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Vegvisir Symbol: May Viking Compass Protect and Guide You

Viking and Viking symbols have always been a topic for the scholars and Viking enthusiasts. One of the most controversial symbols is the Vegvisir. While many people doubt if the Vegvisir originated in Viking community, some believe it did. This piece of article will give you an instruction to the Viking compass Vegvisir - an ancient symbol of protection and guide. 

Modern version of Vegvisir

Vegvísir, which we commonly write "vegvisir", means "the pointer of the way"or "the Wayfinder". Lately, the Viking culture and Norse mythology have become more and more popular thanks to the success of some blockbusters. The more they attract the public eyes, the more versions will come out. 

Vegvisir tattoo

In this day and age, the Vegvisir symbol is famous in the pagan community, musicians, and fans of Viking-related shows. The Vegvisir symbol also becomes a source of inspiration for the inked community as well as fashion. 

When we start digging deep down into the roots of this symbol, it turns out that the modern community knows this symbol 

"a Germanic and Viking ancient magical rune symbol, which function was that of a compass and was supposed to protect the Viking warriors during seafaring, providing guidance and protection". 

However, such an interpretation can only be found in popular literature and in romantic fiction that dated back to 30 years ago. 


The first and also the most important interpretation that I can find about the Vegvisir's origin is from the Huld manuscript. It was composed by Geir Vigfússon who lived in the 19th century. This manuscript of Geir includes 30 magical symbols in total. It states the Vegvisir symbol as:

Carry this sign with you and you will not get lost in storms or bad weather, even though in unfamiliar surrounds.

The second source which is known as the "Book of spells" also states the Vegvisir symbol. This book was written by Olgeir Geirsson who lived in the same century with Geir. The Vegvisir appeared on page 27. 

Carry this sign with you and you will not get lost in storms or die of cold bad weather, and will easily find his way from the unknown

Another source which is also called as the Book of spells depicts the Vegvisir symbol. However, it is widely believed that this book is heavily influenced by the Christians as the book states:

To avoid getting lost: keep this sign under your left arm, its name is Vegvísir and it will serve you if you believe in it – if you believe in God in the name of Jesus – the meaning of this sign is hidden in these words, so you may not perish. May God give me luck and blessing in the name of Jesus


So, until now, there has been no source dating back to the Viking Age that claim Vegvisir as a treasure of the Vikings. What we have are some sources that appeared about 8-9 centuries ago. But we cannot deny the fact that the modern community is now linking the Vegvisir symbol with the Vikings. From my personal viewpoint, this will not do cause any damage. As long as we have faith in the symbol's power, we are empowered. 

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