Who is the Villain in Norse Mythology?

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Who is the Villain in Norse Mythology?

Yesterday I was talking with my friend about Viking culture and Norse mythology. My friend asked me if Fenrir and Loki were the villains in Norse mythology? The moment I heard this question, some feelings were provoked inside myself. Why that? Why people keep believing mostly in what they could see only. They seldom dig deeper into the roots to figure everything out. 

From my personal viewpoint, there was no villain in Norse mythology!


Why Loki could be a villain when what he had done in Norse myth was contribution and attempts to be recognized. It was never an easy task for a black sheep to live in the community. 

He had to change and to adapt to the new environment. He lived with gods, feast with gods, and was still intangible in Asgard. His presence was never recognized until he caused trouble. He just wanted some attention. Sometimes I think if Ragnarok would happen if the gods showed Loki some recognition and respect. 

Loki punishment when the gods found out he was the one that killed Baldur
The gods punished Loki because he killed Baldur the Odin's son

Any community will have a personality like Loki. That person wants all eyes on him. Just that. 

And Loki wanted to be noticed. He wanted to have something excellent like Odin. But when Loki tried to do something in his life, he messed things up (including Ragnarok). When Odin had great sons like Thor and Baldur, what Loki had were monster children. And his children were not respected by others just because of a prophecy. 


I must say that the character in Norse mythology that I pity the most must be Fenrir. Fenrir was the son of Loki and Angrboda. His life could be summarized as "a tragedy". 

Since he was born, he had done nothing harm to the cosmos. The only thing that made people hated him came from a prophecy stating that Fenrir would swallow Odin in Ragnarok. At that moment, he was the enemy of the cosmos. 

When Fenrir was only a puppy, he was brought into Asgard and brought up by the gods. The only one who dared to approach Fenrir was Tyr - the god of justice. Maybe Tyr realized how bad his community was to treat the little Fenrir. 

When the gods gradually realized how powerful Fenrir could be, they tried to bind Fenrir with a magical chain and tie him into a rock. He stayed there until the day he grew up powerful enough to join his father's army. 

Fenrir in Norse mythology

Actually, there were only two stories in Norse mythology that Fenrir attacked others. The first time was when he swallowed the hand of Tyr because Tyr and his clan tricked Fenrir into the binding. The second time was during the battle with Odin. 


Probably not. Odin was the Viking supreme god who was respected by the Vikings. Nearly all of the warrior's code of conduct was based Odin's lifestyle and lessons. 

There is no need to talk much about Odin the Allfather and his stories because for the Viking enthusiasts, Odin is too popular. 

What he did during Norse mythology was only to protect his clan and the upcoming generation. Odin never wanted to destroy the environment of all tribes in the Nine Cosmos. He wanted to live harmoniously with all tribes. Yet, the prophecy urged him to do whatever he could to prevent Ragnarok. 


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