Gods' Fighting Spirit in Ragnarok

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Gods' Fighting Spirit in Ragnarok

We all know that Ragnarok put an end to the golden time of the Norse pantheon. In this blog post, we aren't going to tell you what happened between the two armies (gods vs giants). Rather, we would like to discuss the fighting spirit of Norse gods during the events of Ragnarok

Generally, Ragnarok was a series of foretold catastrophes including the bloodiest battle between Norse gods and giant. Yes, the disaster was prophesied. Norse gods already knew their destiny. They did try many ways to prevent Ragnarok from coming into being. But when the death of Baldur finally took place, they knew that they must face their fate. It was obviously a bitter pill for them to swallow. However, the gods still bravely fought in the battle of Ragnarok. Even they knew their evitable defeat, they would never give up. They would sacrifice anything they had until they no longer could.

Image of Thor vs Jormungandr Norse gods

Thor vs Jormungand

For long, Norse gods heard many prophecies about the twilight of their pantheon and the collapse of the cosmos. They knew what was looming large on the horizon. It was no bright or positive thing. They did not go into the battle with a positive mindset. But whatever their mindset could be, they did not let anything alter their attitude toward the battle. They were never to make it through Ragnarok but they still fought with all they had. 

So anything dawns on you yet? 

We should not fall without a fight!

We know we are not perfect. The gateway to perfection does not exist for us to get through. Perfection is impossible. But we have to strive to be perfect although the result is quite clear. We will be upset by out fallings and shortcomings. Failures will hit us so hard that we don't want to move on. But we have to move on. Norse gods knew their fate but they never gave up. Because they fought, there was the Regeneration After Ragnarok. Because we strive to better ourselves, there will be a better version of us. 

The ultimate defeat that we cannot get rid of is death. When the time comes, we will die. Many may think that we suffer and strive only to die someday so why don't we give up the tough tasks now? But what is the point of giving up? Knowing we are going to die someday strengthens us. It motivates us to do something remarkable, something greater today and the following days. We do not have the youth apples to save our time like Norse gods. So because our time is finite, do what we can to make a difference to the world: be nice, be kind, love more fully, act more bravely, work with hustle, and live our life to the fullest. 

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