Viking Compass Vegvisir Tattoo

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Viking Compass Vegvisir Tattoo

Viking symbol has become a great source of inspiration in this day and age. Many of them become the inspiration for clothing design or jewelry design. There is still a trend to have Viking symbol tattoo in order to remind one of the Viking spirit that exists inside. One of the most favorite Viking tattoos is the Viking Compass Vegvisir Tattoo. (See more 10 Viking Tattoos and Their Meanings)

Vegvisir was the name of ancient mythical Viking compass

Vegvisir or vegvísir was the name of the ancient Viking compass which was pretty mythical. The word can be pronounced as "VEGG-vee-seer". The word Vegvisir meant the pathfinder or the signpost. The most famous lines about this Vegvisir compass were that "If this sign is carried, one will never lose one's way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known". By those words can we know the power of Vegvisir Viking compass.

The design of the Viking Vegvisir bore much resemblance to the Aegishjalmur which was also a magical symbol of protection. The eight different spikes presented the eight directions in our way. 

Vegvisir was the symbol of guidance and protection as we can see from the words that presented about it. Many warriors were believed to apply this symbol of Vegvisir onto their ships before they set sail and went on voyaging. Because as long as this Viking compass was carried alongside one person, he/she would never lose sight of land in the ocean. Moreover, this Viking compass Vegvisir would also guide them back home safe and sound.

A perfect idea for the tattoo

As many of the Viking warriors try to apply this symbol in their bodies, we should try it once, too. The Viking Compass Vegvisr tattoo is a good idea to try when you are a true follower of Norse mythology. The tattoo of Vegvisir was not applied to show off to people about our belief. It is a way to remind us of things we have been believing in and hoping the Vegvisir compass will guide them to go into the right path. Below are some recommendations for Vegvisir tattoos if you are interested:

Image of Vegvisir viking compass tattoo with raven

Viking compass with raven tattoo

Image of Viking compass Vegvisir tattoo

Viking compass Vegvisir tattoo

Image of Viking compass Vegvisir tattoo in hand

Viking Vegvisir Tattoo in palm

Image of Vegvisir tattoo in back

Viking Vegvisir tattoo in back

Image of Vegvisir tattoo with runes

Vegvisir compass with runes

Image of Vegvisir and Aegishjalmur tattoo Helm of awe

Vegvisir compass and Aegishjalmur tattoo

Image of Vegvisir tattoo in chest

Vegvisir tattoo in the chest

Image of raven Vegvisir Viking Compass Aegishjalmur Helm of Awe Tattoo

Vegvisir Aegishjalmur and raven tattoo

Image of Vegvisir tattoo and wolf head

Image of Viking Compass and Wolf Head Tattoo

Image of Viking vegvisir and troll cross tattoo

Viking Compass Vegvisir and Troll Cross tattoo

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