Treasures of Norse Dwarves

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Treasures of Norse Dwarves

In Norse mythology, the dwarves might have played only supportive roles, leaving the spotlight to the Norse gods, giants, and other beings. Though their appearance in the myth was quite seldom, what they contributed was absolutely a wonderful source of priceless treasures.

Image of Norse dwarves

Norse dwarves living in caves in Svartalfheim

The dwarves were the creatures of talents. They were the most skillful craftsmen in the cosmos and they were very strong, too. Since the Creation of the Cosmos, the dwarves were sent in four directions to hold four corners of the sky up for the first gods were afraid that the sky would collapse. This evidenced that the dwarves’ colossal strength should not be doubted. The depictions of dwarves were often in the dark tone because their homes were in caves or under stones and rocks. Moreover, the dwarves were known as the black elves and the lines between elves, dwarves, and dead humans were quite blurry. Sometimes, they were described as the resembling human corpses.

There were many treasures by dwarves and Made In Svartalfheim (land of dwarves) including: Mjolnir Hammer of Thor, Gleipnir the chain binding Fenrir, Gungnir spear of Odin, Draupnir the ring of Odin, Skidbladnir a ship of Freyr, Brisingamen the beautiful necklace of Freya, and a long beautiful golden hair of Sif, Thor’s wife.

Image of Norse dwarves Treasures of Norse Dwarves

Norse dwarves were skillful craftsmen

Legend had it that Loki once came up with a prank of destroying Sif’s beautiful hair. When Sif was asleep, Loki sneaked into her room and cut away her long golden hair. As Thor discovered Loki’s mischievous prank, he got angry and threatened to kill Loki. But Loki succeeded in persuading Thor to give him a chance to make up for what he had caused. Off Loki went to the land of Svartalfheim and begged the dwarves to create a beautiful long golden hair for Sif. This was so easy to the dwarves that they started to make it on the spot. And when their furnace was still hot, they created other magical treasures for Loki to bring to Asgard for the gods.

They created the marvelous ship Skidbladnir for Freyr. This ship could travel on land, on the sea, and through the air and could be folded up small enough to be put in a small pouch but when expanded, the ship could carry all Aesir gods and their equipment. For Odin, the dwarves created the powerful Gungnir spear. The spear would return to Odin promptly after it hit its target (and this spear never missed any target).

Image of Thor and Mjolnir Hammer

Mjolnir Hammer of Thor was created by the Norse dwarves

After having such treasures, Loki did not instantly travel back to Asgard, he still wanted more. He had a bet with other dwarves over whether they could produce other treasures or not. And there came other treasures for the Gods, namely the boar Gullinbursti for Freyr, Draupnir the golden ring, which could produce eight rings after nine nights, for Odin, and finally the Mjolnir hammer for Thor. Obviously, Loki lost the bet and luckily he did not lose his head and only got his mouth sewn.

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