Lessons That We Can Learn From Ragnarok Doom of Gods

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Lessons That We Can Learn From Ragnarok Doom of Gods

Ragnarok is no longer a new term these days thanks to the success of blockbusters and modern arts. But how much do we really know about Ragnarok or just superficially view it as a bloody war? The original version of Ragnarok in Norse myth is quite different from the modern adaptations though. But whenever it appears the Ragnarok context, there will definitely be inspiring lessons that the Norsemen wanted to convey. 


Remember that Ragnarok was not the destruction of the whole cosmos. Rather, it was the doom of Norse gods only but not all of the gods died in this battle. Ragnarok was prophesied long before it did take place. Odin and Norse gods tried many ways to prevent their fate but no matter how hard they tried, they just couldn't escape the fate. 

Image of Ragnarok

Ragnarok Doom of Gods

The first sign of Ragnarok was the death of Baldur Odin's son. Baldur and his mother dreamt about Baldur's death. Frigg went to great lengths to save her son but all in vain. Fate finally knocked at the door and found Baldur. Since the Baldur's death, many catastrophic events consecutively happened around the cosmos. In Midgard land of humanity, three winters came in a row without a summer. Brothers fought against each other and blood was shed. It was completely a chaotic mess at that time. 

Then Loki and his children broke free and waged war against the Norse gods. The final battle began in a field and all the creatures of the cosmos appeared to fight for this last time. Result? The cosmos sunk into the flames when Surtr the giant of fire wielded his sword around the cosmos. Only a few Norse gods survived the battle. They carried their ancestral legacy into a new world telling the stories of their legendary fathers. 

Image of Surtr the giant Norse mythology

Surtr the Giant wielded the fire sword to set the world on fire. Cre: Erulian on deviantART


Life always has its circle

This end was not the end of the world. Destruction was truly wreaked but from the ashes rose a new world. Whether this universal destruction and reborn was a truth or not remains a mystery based on personal faith. However, the cyclic process of nature is undoubted. Indeed, we can witness many sights of this in nature: the sun rises and sets, seeds grow, bloom, and perish. Or in human activities, economics, in stock market for example, came up and went down. But how can this affect our lives?

To be honest, knowing that life has a circle reminds us to stay strong during our despair time. While we might be down and blue, this circle will come and bring a rebirth. You might think your hard time is the end of your life but no, it isn't and you are wrong to think about that. This end is not the end. It isn't even the beginning of the end. But perhaps it is the end of the beginning. As our children are parts of our flesh and blood of us, they will indirectly carry us to live on even if we are at peace. 

Don't waste your time being afraid and struggling in your hard time. Hard times will pass and you will be smiling again. Remind yourself that it isn't a smooth sailing because a smooth sailing will never make a skilled sailor. There is something better awaiting ahead. As long as you keep moving on, you can grab that small light of hope. 

True men in the face of death will fight until the end

Norse gods knew the fate already woven for them. As Baldur passed away, it became more and more clear that the fate would find them one day. But they still tried and fought bravely in awareness of their defeat. They didn't abandon their ship of hope. Norse gods devoted everything into their battle until their physcial power was shut down. 

Image of Viking Warriors lessons from Ragnarok

Don't ever give up even in the face of death

This is a deeply motivational message from Ragnarok of Norse mythology. One thing should be remembered is that Norse gods didn't fight in a positive attitude. Rather, they are haunted with their defeat. But all they did was to pick up their weapons and fought until they no longer could. (See more: Motivational Message from Ragnarok Norse Mythology

The point here is to never stop bettering yourself even if you know you can never reach perfection. But what's wrong with the imperfection after we have bravely tried so hard. We should be proud of it. We should know to aim at the moon because even if we miss, we stand a chance of landing in a star. Our source of time is finite so do what you can to make a positive change to the world, even if you fail, you already do something great for yourself. 

We must do anything to protect and raise the next generation

Had Odin and Thor not raised their kids well, the new world wouldn't have started with a good beginning. Had the values of Norse gods not carried on, would the light ever have fallen in the darkness? 

Every child will become an adult and every generation creates the new world. Whether you are a real father or just a fatherly mentor of someone, do all we can to raise the children successfully. Prepare and offer the young with the necessary tools for renewal and the power to bring forth a splendid future. 

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