Motivational Message from Ragnarok Norse Mythology

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Motivational Message from Ragnarok Norse Mythology 

Whenever you feel down, let the motivation from Norse myth and Viking age lift your mood up. Believe it or not, every single detail within Norse myth carries a motivational message. This blog post is going to share the motivational message from Ragnarok the Twilight of Gods. 


Ragnarok is not like what happens on some blockbusters. It is generally agreed that modern arts successfully adapt the Norse characters into their arts. But it somehow irritates Norse lovers because there are many alternations that make it no longer a Norse myth. So here is the original story of Ragnarok in Norse mythology.

Ragnarok means "The Doom of Gods". And it definitely meant it in Norse myth. Ragnarok was the nightmare coming true in Norse mythology.

Image of Ragnarok Norse mythology

Ragnarok Doom of Gods 

For long, there had been a prophecy as to the destruction of Norse Pantheon. Norse Gods knew this was not a joke and they tried their best to prevent Ragnarok. Well, Ragnarok was prophesied to be the series of disasters befell Nine Worlds and would put an end to the Norse Pantheon. Odin the Allfather, also known as the ruler of Asgard land of Gods, cast three children of Loki into different places: Jormungand the serpent into the ocean, Hel into the land of death, and Fenrir up in Asgard to be raised by Norse gods. But whatever Odin and gods tried, these villains broke free and ignited Ragnarok. But that was the ending story, there were more stories prior to Ragnarok. 

The first sight of Ragnarok was the death of Baldur Odin's son. Baldur was killed by a mistletoe arrow thrown by the blind god Hodr who was also the twin brother of Baldur. In fact, Loki was the main culprit. As gods figured out the truth, Loki was severely punished from which point he decided to break free and ignite Ragnarok. 

Then came a series of catastrophes that signalled Ragnarok looming large. In Midgard land of humanity, there was no summer or spring. Three consecutive winters coming in a row deprived the human of their harvest and food. Brothers and brothers in Midgard killed each other. Midgard was a total bloody mess. 

When the sky broke and Yggdrasil the Great Tree of Life trembled, Ragnarok began. The fate finally knocked at the Asgard's Wall. No fire could burn down this fate like it used to burn the giant attempting to entering Asgard. The Gods had to pick up their weapons and fight till their last breath. Probably, their thought at the time was that there was still a light for them to hang on. But the result was what we know. The fall of Norse pantheon and the creation of a new world order. 


You might be confused that the Gods already know they are going to die, why do they have to attempt so hard to prevent Ragnarok. Yes, you've got the point. That is the root of the motivational message that I'm trying to convey to you. Norse gods knew that they would end up in the fire and blood of Ragnarok, but they made great effort to prevent it. Before Ragnarok took place, everyone was willing to go to great length to make that twilight not happen. During Ragnarok, everyone fought with a daring mind and a brave heart. That is the spirit of a true warrior. Viking warriors, as we believe, managed to capture this spirit of Norse gods. 

Image of Viking warrior motivational message from Ragnarok

Viking warriors better to fight and fall than live without hope

It's difficult for a person with a death sentence to attempt to escape his fate. Norse gods were in the same context. The deadly sword was hanging just above their head. It was the matter of time to take their life away. They all knew it but they didn't abandon their hope. They lived with their hope and kept expecting. Finally, they did fall but they did everything they could. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take, don't we? But there was nothing the Norse gods would regret. 

Our hard times might be nothing to compare with the end of the glorious Norse pantheon. But we are allowed to feel sad and blue whenever hard times hit us. But we are not allowed to give in. It's better to stand up and find. If you run you only died of being tired. We all face many ups and downs and challenges in our life. There are times that we feel that those challenges just knock out us. We feel like we can no longer move our limbs.

Image of Viking shieldmaidens motivational message from Norse mythology

I don't know when I'm going to win but I know I won't ever give up

But we gotta move. Life just moves on and it will wait for none. If you give in, you will be stuck behind. Straighten up, warriors! Don't ever let the idea of quitting wreak havoc in your mind. A winner is just a loser who tried many times. You are allowed to fall but please don't give up. We might see the fear every time we fall. But fear makes the wolf bigger than he is. 

You better know that survival can be summed up in three words: never give up. The final results will worth it all. Aim at the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star. If you don't try, you will never know. One thing you gotta know is that Ragnarok didn't completely destroy Norse Pantheon. There were survivors: Baldur, Hodr, Vidar, Magni, Modi, etc. They didn't give up. They hang on to their slight hope and they finally could carry the seed of their ancestors to spread to the cosmos. 

Nobody ever says it will be easy. So don't give up when it gets hard. Keep moving forward and be the one they'll write about. 

May the wisdom of Odin shine bright on your life. May the strength of Thor empower you. May the brave heart of Tyr motivate you to get over your fear.

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