5 Ideas of Odin's Tattoos for Odin Worshippers

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5 Ideas of Odin's Tattoos for Odin Worshippers

Odin was among the most powerful and influential gods to the Vikings. There were many reasons why the Vikings worshipped Odin. In this day and age, Odin remains his popularity partly thanks to his modern adaptation into many blockbusters. But the major reason must be that lessons and qualities Odin possessed never go out of fashion no matter how much time has passed. Odin's tattoos are now popular in the inked community. Odin's tattoo often honors the wisdom, nobility, and war power of Odin. Here are 5 ideas of Odin's tattoos based on his tales in Norse and Viking sagas. 


If you are willing to have a big tattoo on your body, a portrait of Odin is an awesome idea. If it is the portrait of the Allfather, bear in mind to precisely depict him. Odin often appears as an old man with a long beard and only one eye. Odin sacrificed one eye to gain more knowledge long ago. 

A tattoo of Odin without an eye symbolizes the great sacrifice to gain wisdom and the Norse lesson: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Odin the Allfather tattoo. Viking tattoo of Odin. Odin was the chief god in Asgard

Odin tattoo depicting the Viking supreme god and the chief god in Asgard

Odin's tattoo and wolf Viking tattoo

Simple Odin tattoo depicting Odin one eyed. 5 Ideas of Odin's tattoos for Odin Worshippers


Ravens were among famous Odin's symbols. Wherever the ravens were, Odin was there to observe. Ravens became not only the symbol of Odin but also the Thought and Mind of Odin. As their names indicated, Huginn and Muninn actually meant "Thought" and "Mind" respectively. 

Odin was afraid that his Huginn would not come back to him. But he was more afraid to lose his Muninn. This is a figurative way to interpret the tales of Odin's ravens: Losing your mind is the worst thing ever. 

Viking Raven Tattoo as the Odin's tattoo Odin's symbol

Viking raven tattoo in the back as the odin's tattoo

Viking ragnar tattoo in the head as Odin's tattoo


Valknut is a famous Odin's symbol in many Viking artifacts and tales. The Valknut presents Odin's welcome to Valhalla the hall of the slain where he would dwell and feast with the fallen warriors. 

Viking Valknut Tattoo is Odin's tattoo presenting Odins's welcome to Valhalla

Viking Valknut symbol that presents Odin and his waiting for you to feast with him in Valhalla


Other Odin's symbol includes the Triple Horn. This symbol is to honor the great effort and long journey Odin was through to gain the Mead of Poetry offering him a great source of power and knowledge. 

Not only is this symbol awesome in the appearance but it also carries the meaningful lesson about seeking wisdom from Odin.

Viking tattoo of Viking serpent and the Odin's triple horn. Odin's tattoo


Gungnir was the name of Odin's spear. In Norse mythology, Loki gifted the Gungnir spear to Odin. The Gungnir spear then followed Odin to all battles he joined. The Gungnir spear was famous for never missing the target once it aimed something. 

In the modern sense, the Gungnir spear symbol of Odin presents the desire to reach the goal once you have set it. It means Set your target and keep trying until you achieve it. 

Odin tattoo Odin gungnir spear tattoo

Odin tattoo Gungnir symbol Tattoo Viking tattoo

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