Frigg: Norse Goddess, Mother, and Queen of Asgard

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Frigg: Norse Goddess, Mother, and Queen of Asgard

Everything comes in pairs. Odin didn't rule Asgard himself. He had a queen who helped him with the administration and was the mother of his son. Her name was Frigg. And Frigg Norse Goddess was the Queen of Asgard.


Frigg (FRIG) meant "beloved" in Old Norse. She was the only wife of Odin and she stood in the highest rank in the Norse goddess list. Frigg was the mother of god Baldur whose destiny connected with the beginning of Ragnarok Doom of God.

Though Frigg was the leader of Norse goddesses, few materials about her survived. Her appearance was vague. Moreover, scholars assume that Frigg and Freya were actually one person. But the scholars had their reasons when saying that. As comparing the traits of Frigg and Freya goddess of war, they saw the pair shared some common traits. 

Frigg was the goddess of love, motherhood, family, marriage, and prophecy. Norse myth gives us the feeling that Frigg was the protector of the sanctioned marriage while Freya of the unsanctioned marriage. Thereby, Frigg was the goddess of the family the trait that Freya didn't share. 

The Queen of Asgard appeared in many depictions as a beautiful woman spinning the threads. Actually, Frigg was weaving the cloud for the sky. 

Frigg Norse Goddess in Norse mythology was the goddess of love, marriage, family, and mother

Frigg was the creator of the clouds in the sky. She created the clouds by spinning the thread

Being the chief goddess, Frigg was the only goddess that could sit on the High Throne of Odin to observe the world. There were only three figures that ever sat on the High Throne of Odin included Odin, Frigg, and Freyr (brother of Freya) who secretly sat on the throne when Odin was absent. 


Frigg mothered Baldur whose destiny ended at the beginning of Ragnarok. This great mother foresaw the death of her son. She and Baldur dreamt the same dream in which showed the death of Baldur. This upset Frigg so much. 

But she never gave up on her son. She was determined to find out the way to rescue her son. 

Frigg was the Norse goddess leader who was the goddess of love, family, marriage, and mother in Norse mythology

The night that Frigg delivered Baldur was known as the "Mother's Night"

Frigg was willing to do everything to keep Baldur safe. She wandered the Nine Worlds asking all creatures not to hurt her son. The only thing that she missed was the mistletoe which she thought never could harm her son. But that was the reason for the grief following. 


No one could ever escape destiny once it knocked on the door. One day, gods entertained themselves by throwing objects into Baldur only to see it bounce off. Loki the trickster seized the chance and indirectly threw the mistletoe arrow toward Baldur. The son of Frigg fell dead on the spot immediately. 

Odin and Frigg in Norse mythology at the Death of Baldur

Frigg and Odin grieving over the death of Baldur their beloved son

Frigg must have broken into tears on hearing the death of her son. But she was also the first to gather herself and planned to rescue her beloved son. This Norse goddess sent god Hermod to Helheim the land of the dead to retrieve her son back. Hel the queen of Helheim promised to release Baldur as soon as all creatures mourned over Baldur's death. 

The only creature that didn't agree to do so was the giant Throkk who according to some sources was Loki in disguise. With this only one refusal to grieve, Baldur couldn't return back to his home in Asgard until the end of Ragnarok. 

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