10 Things about Thor that You Don't Know

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10 Things about Thor that You Don't Know

Hardly can a figure in Norse mythology can rival Thor's reputation. Thanks to the modern adaptation into many blockbusters, Thor Viking God of Thunder and Storm has gained so much popularity that we need little introduction about him. But the modern adaptations seem to overwhelm the legendary myth so much that there are many details from the original Thor that we miss out. This blog post is to list out some details to give you a vivid account of Thor in Norse mythology. Check to see how many points you have:

1. Thor is the son of a giantess and a god. His father is Odin the Ruler of Asgard while his mother is Jörð (Earth). That is to say, Thor is not a 100% god; he is rather a half god half giant figure. 

Image of Thor God of Thunder and Storm Viking god

Thor is the son of a giantess and a god

2. The fact is that there are no restrictions upon who can lift the Mjolnir hammer in Norse mythology. There is a time when Mjolnir hammer is stolen by a giant which can support this point.
3. In ancient Viking times, Mjolnir hammer pendants were the best Viking amulet. Viking warriors would wear Mjolnir Viking Jewelry to join the battles in order to call up Thor's blessings and help (physical strength and bravery). 
4. Mjolnir hammer is inherited by Thor's sons Magni and Modi when Thor has been at peace after his final battle with Jormungand.

Image of Thor Mjolnir hammer after Ragnarok

Thor's children would inherit the Mjolnir Hammer into the New World

5. Thor is not the strongest god in Norse Pantheon (See more: Who was Viking God of Strength)
6. Thor fails in the drinking competition in Jotunheim the land of the giant. God of Thunder and Storm is even defeated by an old giant woman (See more: The Woman that Defeated Thor in Norse Mythology).
7. Thor rides on a goat-pulled chariot. Whenever he crosses the sky on his chariot, there come the sounds of thunder and storm below. Norse gods chariots vary from gods to gods. Sometimes Thor kills his goats for food and will resurrect the pair of goats later. 
8. Mjolnir hammer is not his only weapon. He uses iron gloves and a belt of strength to double his power in battle. 
9. Thor and his sworn enemy Jormungand faces each other twice in the myth. The first time is when Thor goes fishing. He manages to catch Jormungand with the bait but fails to kill this Midgard Serpent. The second and also the last time is during Ragnarok the Doom of Gods. During his final battle, Thor kills Jormungand. But when he walks nine steps away from the serpent, the venom Jormungand left kills Thor. 

Image of Ragnarok Doom of Gods

Ragnarok doom of Gods

10. Thursday is Thor's Day (See more: Norse Gods and Days of the Week)

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