10 Things about Odin that You Don't Know

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10 Things about Odin that You Don't Know

A bearded old man with a stick travels around the world is what you might think about whenever it comes to Odin the Allfather. Being the most complex figure in Norse myth, Odin is much more than that simple image. Here are 10 Things about Odin that you don't know. Check to see how many points you have:

1. Odin is not a 100% pure god. Odin is a son of Borr the God and Bestla the frost-giant. Plus, Odin is the third generation ever since the Creation of the cosmos, meaning he is the grandson of the very first god Búri. 
2. Together with his brothers (Vili and Ve), Odin fashions the world with the body of the primeval giant Ymir. 
3. Odin faces Fenrir the Giant Wolf in Ragnarok. This is also his last battle when Fenrir swallows Odin as what is prophesied. 
    Image of Odin vs Fenrir in Ragnarok
    Odin and Fenrir in Ragnarok
    4. Odin is so impressed by the beauty of Nine Sea Maidens that he decides to marry all of them. They produce god Heimdall the Asgard Guardsman.
    5. Odin is the first to introduce Runes to the cosmos after his sacrifice to gain the ability to read Runes
    6. Odin throws one eye into the well to gain the water of wisdom. Odin even has to entertain a giantess in order to get the Mead of Poetry in drinking horns which become Odin's symbol 
    7. The common things that appear along Odin are Gungnir Spear, a pair of ravens Huginn and Muninn, a pair of wolves Freki and Geri, and an eight-legged horse Sleipnir.

    Image of Odin and his constant companions

    Odin and his constant companions

    8. Odin is God of War but his part in the battle revolves around mental power which is to instil terror into his enemies. 
    9. Odin sits on his High Throne Hlidskjalf and watches the Nine Worlds. The other figure that can sit on Odin's High Throne is Frigg Odin's wife who is also chief goddess. 
    10. The name of Odin in English is Wodan. So Wodan's Day is Wednesday these days. (See more: Norse Gods and Days of the Week)

    Image of Odin the Allfather

    Wednesday is named after Odin

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