Who was Viking God of Strength?

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Who was Viking God of Strength?

When it comes to the Viking symbols of strength, what comes in the top of the list is Mjolnir Thor's Hammer. So Thor was the Viking God of Strength? Answer: No. 

So who was Viking God of Strength? Answer: Magni Son of Thor

Magni Viking God of Strength

Magni was the son of Thor whose power and popularity that no one can rival with. His name "Magni" means "mighty". Magni was the Viking God of Strength and brute force. Like his father, Magni was a half-god and half-giant. His mother was Jarnsaxa a giantess from Jotunheim land of the giant. Modi (Courage) was his sibling. Although gods and giants harbored hatred toward each other, love affair happened among them. The products of these love affairs were mighty gods like Odin, Thor, and of course Magni. The mixed blood of theirs somehow explained their incredible might. 

Image of Viking God of Strength Viking Mythology Norse mythology

A depiction of Magni and Modi Thor's Sons

Magni once rescued his father Thor. When Magni was three years old, Magni helped his father out when Thor was under the leg of Hrungnir giant. Because of this, Thor awarded his son with the horse Gullfaxi (Golden Mane) which was originally the horse of Hrungnir the Giant. The horse galloped very fast but it could not be as fast as the eight-legged horse Sleipnir of Odin. 

Magni Survived Ragnarok

Magni was among few Norse gods that survived Ragnarok Doom of Gods. All Norse gods fought bravely in their final battle of Ragnarok. When the venom of Jormungand deprived Thor of his life, Magni and Modi inherited Thor Mjolnir Hammer. They carried Mjolnir hammer into the new world as a legacy of his father. From this detail, we are sure that Mjolnir Hammer was the Viking symbol of strength and courage although there was a shift of the owners. 

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