Odin Raven Pendant: Wisdom Empowering Viking Jewelry

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Odin Raven Pendant: Wisdom Empowering Viking Jewelry

In many Old Norse depictions, we see a bearded old man sitting on his High Throne with a pair of ravens perching on his shoulder. That old man is Odin the Allfather who is the Supreme Viking God. As time goes by, raven becomes the symbol of Odin. This blog post focus on discussing Viking raven symbol and Odin Raven Pendant - the Viking Jewelry that will empower you. 


In Norse mythology, Odin was known as the Raven God for his close connection with raven. Odin had a pair of ravens whose names were Huginn and Muninn. The names of Odin's ravens meant "thought" and "mind" presenting the main power of the pair. 

Image of Viking Raven Symbol Viking Symbol

Viking ravens Huginn and Muninn

As you may know, Huginn and Muninn were a source of information for Odin. In the daytime, Odin waved them goodbye and let them fly around the Nine Worlds. As dusk was falling, Huginn and Muninn would return to Asgard and tell Odin what they had observed in the day. Odin welcomed them back home and always feared one day his ravens would not come back. Because Huginn and Muninn presented a part of Odin's mind and mental power. 


With the deeply ingrained belief in Odin the Allfather, the Vikings worshipped Odin Raven Symbol. It quickly became a Viking flag or the Viking banner of some warlords. The Viking Raven Flag not only filled the warriors with a fighting spirit but it also filled the enemies with terror and fear. Viking raven flag was believed to bring the glory to the warriors as long as the Vikings set the flag when fighting. 

Image of Viking raven flag

A depiction of Viking raven flag


As you might be guessing, Viking raven symbol presents Odin's supreme mental power. In fact, mental power is a general meaning layer of the symbol. The symbol itself has many aspects to be interpreted. 

But what is inspiring the most is the burning desire of lifelong learning. Our knowledge is like a drop in a vast ocean which has no limit. Even Odin God of wisdom was omniscient, he never refused any piece of information from little ravens. That's the attitude and spirit that we should capture and apply to our lives. 


Artifacts of Odin raven jewelry are found from Viking grave sites. This strengthens the point that the Vikings held ravens in high esteem, worshipping and admiring. Not only did they use the Viking Raven Symbol to accent their look but deep inside they wanted to call for Odin's help as well. 

Image of Odin Raven Pendant Viking Jewelry

Huginn and Muninn Raven Pendant

Odin Raven Pendant is a perfect Viking amulet for those who are seeking for Odin and his mental power. One will never reach the level of omniscience like Odin but the Odin Raven Pendant will always remind them of never ceasing their lifelong learning process. For knowledge is power, Odin is always by our side to support and move on with us. 


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