Viking Jewelry: Viking Symbol of Strength

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Viking Jewelry: Viking Symbol of Strength

With the depth of meanings that can rival the blackness of the universe, Viking Symbols always leave us a feeling of mystique no matter what we try to figure out what they mean. Most of the time, we encounter the Viking symbol of strength. Such symbols were very common and revered in the Viking time. This was not only due to their connection with Gods but also because the Vikings need strength to survive both normal life and battles. 

1. Mjölnir Hammer - Hammer of Thor

Thor was the god of thunder and storm in Norse mythology. There is no need explaining much about this figure. The modern adaptations of Thor make him well-known than ever before. The most primary weapon of Thor was his Mjolnir hammer which he hardly went out without. Mjolnir Hammer never missed its target and always flew back to Thor once it hit the target. 

Image of Thor hit giant with Mjolnir

Thor knocked out a giant with his Mjolnir hammer

Mjolnir hammer jewelry is the symbol of the incredible physical strength of Thor. The Viking warriors created their amulet in the form of Mjolnir hammer. This made Mjolnir hammer become the Best Viking Jewelry Amulet. Truth is, Mjolnir jewelry is designed with many different patterns all of which adds more styles and a Viking look to the wearers. 

Image of Mjolnir hammer bracelet Viking Jewelry

Thor's Hammer Leather Bracelet

2. Viking Axe

Viking Axe must be the first weapon popping in our minds whenever we mention Viking weapon. With the axe, the Viking ancestors bent the world to their will. The Viking generations managed to make numerous tribes bow behind the edges of their axe. 

Image of Viking axe symbol of strength

Viking warrior with axe

Thereby, Viking axe becomes the symbol of Viking warriors and their strength. It presents the power and courage to cut through any obstacle that holds one back. Like the Vikings once stepped out of their own land and discovered the world, instilling terror to any land they went through. In this day and age, Viking Axe Jewelry is not only the symbol to express our love toward the Viking age but also reminds us of stepping our comfort zone and find out what's out there. One famous Viking axe that presents nobility and high esteem is the Viking Mammen Axe (See more Mammen Axe Jewelry: The Most Striking Viking Jewelry)

Image of Viking axe jewelry viking symbol of strength

Viking Battle Axe Pendant Necklace

Image of Viking axe jewelry viking strength symbol

Viking Axe Pendant

3. Wolves 

Suffering the most controversies in any tales, wolves played both heroes and villains in Norse mythology. But whatever roles they took, Norse wolves were the best symbol of wild strength and a daring mind that no one could stop. 

Image of Odin and Fenrir in Ragnarok

Odin and Fenrir encountered in Ragnarok

Wolf Fenrir spread terror within Nine Worlds. Wolves Hati and Skoll swallowed the Sun and the Moon, leaving the whole world in the darkness. Geri and Freki the Wolves were the constant companions of Odin. 

Generally, Norse wolf is the best emblem of invincible strength. Viking Wolf Jewelry is one of the most shining Viking symbols of strength. Not only do they help to exude a Viking look to the wearers but the Viking Wolf Jewelry will also empower the wearers with the wolf spirit. 

Image of Viking symbol of strength

Wolf Head Leather Torc Necklace presenting Odin's constant companions

4. Rune Circle Wheel of the Universe

The power of rune is never an exaggeration. The power of runes revolves around carrying the fates of all beings in the cosmos and the philosophy of the cosmos as well. Anyone who can decipher the deep meaning of runes will understand the laws of the cosmos. With such great power, Rune Circle must be the most powerful Viking symbol of strength. (See more Viking Rune Jewelry: The Wheel of the Universe

Image of Viking rune circle

Rune circle carried the philosophy of the cosmos


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