What Did the Vikings Hold Dear in Their Time?

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What Did the Vikings Hold Dear in Their Time?

Either in the modern time or the Viking time, people have something to hold dear in society. What the Vikings once held dear is quite a contrast to ours in the modern time. But what I can see from researching deeply on the Viking culture is that the Vikings had their own way of thinking. Unless we walk in the shoes of the Vikings, we will never understand them. Below are three things that the Vikings held dear in their time. 

Norse Pantheon

The first thing that ever comes to my mind when I think about what the Vikings respected the most is the Norse Pantheon. There are many gods in the Norse Pantheon. But with the surviving texts, scholars agreed that three gods affected the Viking life the most. They were Odin, Thor, and Freyr all of whom would empower the Vikings not only in combat but also in daily life. 

The Vikings had their own sacred places to pay respect to their gods. When the Christianization was on the threshold, they attempted to protect their Norse Pantheon until the last minute. The Vikings made themselves Thor-hammered amulet as a statement to protect their ancient path as long as they could stand on their legs. 

Viking blot

Viking blot to honor their gods 


Unlike other European parts where swords were common, the Vikings respected their swords to the point that they would want to die if they lost it. In the Viking society, a sword symbolized nobility, wealth, high social status, and respect. Not everyone could afford for themselves a sword. Only those with much fortune and respect in the fighting arena could have one in their life. 

Viking sword artifact

A Viking sword preserved in museum


Woman and any related to woman topic might cause controversies. But I find out that the Vikings very held dear the women in their society. This is one of the things that made the Vikings a civilized society. 

Viking shieldmaiden

While other parts of the world were yet to realize the women's importance, the Vikings did. They had basic rights for women. A Viking woman in their time could own property, be free to decide her path, able to divorce, etc. Although these basic rights are obvious in modern time, it was a big movement in the mindset of the people of more than 1200 years ago. 

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