Detectorist's Find Resulted in Viking Burial

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Detectorist's Find Resulted in Viking Burial

Years ago, a find by a metal detectorist guided some archaeologists to the discovery of a Viking burial with four men and two women. 

The site was located near Cumwhitton in Cumbria. The grave according to the archaeologists was the site of the Viking Age around the 10th century. And more than 1000 years later, the burial was found by us. 

The first thing that these archaeologists found was a pair of brooches. 

And below the brooches, they found a grave of a Viking woman. And lying about 10 meters away were more burials full of grave goods. And this finding finally resulted in the discovery of two female and four male graves.

In the male burials, they found weapons and fire-making tools. In one grave, they found something resembling a drinking horn. 

Below are some images and further information about the grave excavation. 

Reconstruction of the male grave

A reconstruction of the male grave. Near the head of the deceased was the possible drinking horn. 

The sword Viking Age

A sword as one of the most valuable artifacts found in the site

The excavation site of the Viking burial site

The excavation where five graves were

Viking brooches

The Viking brooches which made the archaeologists to dig deep down the soil. 

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