Scientists Reconstructed Face of Viking Female Warrior

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Scientists Reconstructed Face of Viking Female Warrior

Recently, the word "Viking" has once more time hit the headlines with one incredibly exciting news: British scientists have reconstructed the face of a Viking female warrior who lived 1000 years ago.

The face of the woman is based on the skeleton found in Viking graveyard in Solor, Norway. The skeleton is now preserved in Oslo's Museum of Cultural History where many pieces of the Viking things also are. 

After studying the skeleton, scientists confirmed that the skeletons belonged to a woman. However, scientists are reluctant to confirm whether this woman once was a warrior or not. But it seems like everything that buried with her pointed to the way of thinking that this woman was a warrior. The archaeologists found many arrows, shield, axe, bow, and sword inside the burial grave. This somehow reminds me of the story of the Viking female warrior inside the BJ581 in Birka, Sweden

BJ581 in Birka

The sketch of the BJ581 - the famous Viking grave belonging to the Viking female warrior 

And the end of 2019 unfolds a new story when the British scientists managed to reconstruct the face of this beautiful female warrior thanks to their excellent facial recognition technology. 

The remains revealed that the woman had a dent in her forehead. Her head was laid to rest on the shield found inside her grave. And the wound on her forehead is likely to be a sword wound. 

The reconstructed face of the Viking female warrior

The reconstruction of the Viking female warrior's face

The scientists cannot conclude whether this forehead dent caused her death. But they are sure that this is the first time they have ever found a Viking female skeleton with the battle wound. 

From the muscles to the layering of the skin, the female warrior's face is now coming back to life.

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