Inspirational Viking Quotes about Strength

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Inspirational Viking Quotes about Strength

For long, the Vikings have been known for their prowess in battle. What we commonly catch sight of on the shows are filthy men wielding axes and killing people. The truth is, the Vikings were much greater than modern shows tell them. In this blog post, we are to look through some Viking quotes about strength which might inspire you.

Be strong when you are weak. Be brave when you are scared. Be humble when you are victorious.

Viking quotes about strength Viking inspirational sayings
Indeed, life is full of ups and downs. What matters the most is, who is going to get over those hardships life throws at them. In the darkest days of life, remember good things will take time. Only your can pull yourself out of your problems. In the most important moment of life, if it needs you to take a jump, then jump. But what is much more important, in your moment of glory, don't forget who you are in the beginning. 

The road might be long, the journey might be challenging and full of dangers. Take a rest if you must, but never turn back

Viking quotes about strength viking inspirational quotes vikings wisdom sayings
Good things take time. If you want something badly, take action, take the chance, and keep trying your best to get what you want the most. There will be tough times, but remember you are tougher. Odin will bless you with wisdom, Thor will gift you with strength, and Frigg will give you all of the love she has. 

It is better to stand and fight. If you run you'll only die tired. 

Being a Viking enthusiast, you might feel yourself living a warrior life. But that's just how you feel. Make it real. A Viking warrior life is never about hiding and running away from difficulties. To get to Valhalla, a warrior has to sharpen their axe and fight until their last breath in battle. 

Viking quotes about strength Viking history Viking inspirational quotes

Bravery is half the victory

What is the definition of bravery? It is hard to say. Being brave is not merely being bold and reckless. A brave one also need care about their own security and others'. To be brave is to get “Ready to face and endure danger or pain, showing courage.” . Bravery is something that stems and develops throughout life. When you’re brave you begin to have faith in yourself and also more comfort in participating in new ways of living. It keeps you in the game. It's already half way to glory.

Viking quotes about strength inspirational viking quotes

Sorrow eats the heart if you cannot tell someone your whole mind.

Sharing is power. Sharing is strength. S true sharing time is not merely taking a seat and talking. It is about listening and understanding. When a friend of yours talks to you about their sorrow. Pay attention to it and try to save a soul with scars. You cannot imagine how important you are to them. 

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