Viking Helmet Unearthed in Britain

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Viking Helmet Unearthed in Britain

According to the scholars, a Viking helmet discovered at Teesside has become the first to be found in Britain. Around 950s, a corroded helmet was unearthed by workmen digging trenches for new sewage pipes. 

This new project led by Dr. Chris Caple, has revealed that the helmet was the first to ever be found in Britain. Also, this has also been the second nearly complete Viking helmet found on Earth. 

This was actually a very challenging project according to the Dr. Caple. Because the thin iron sheet is very susceptible to corrosion. What they must do is to keep the helmet in dry conditions, as dry as possible. 

The archaeologist team claimed that analysis showed the helmet was initially preserved in waterlogged conditions. This later backfired as the helmet started to corrode. Fortunately, the helmet was discovered just before it could have corroded away completely. 

The archaeologists found half a dozen early medieval helmets from Britain. But this one was the first belonging to the Vikings in Britain. 

Viking Helmet in Britain
Viking helmet

Studying the helmet, archaeologists could conclude that the helmet was simply manufactured. It was well designed also to protect the wearer. However, the Vikings seemed to spend no time decorating the helmet. 

The helmet is made of iron bands and plates, riveted together, with a simple knop at the top. Below the brow band there is a spectacle (eye) mask and the lower edge of the brow band is pierced with circular holes, where a mail curtain may have been attached. The damage to the helmet is consistent with an object being hit by a plough or spade whilst buried.

A side of the Viking helmet artifact
Side of the Viking helmet artifact

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  • I am 2% Norwegian and 2% Swedish, so information about vikings is extremely interesting to me!

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