DNA Results Revealed About Old Viking Murder Mystery

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DNA Results Revealed About Old Viking Murder Mystery

The Gerdrup Grave dating back to 1,000 years ago belonged to the Viking age. It revealed to the public eye 39 years ago. The archaeologists found the grave in the North of Roskilde in the small hamlet of Gerdrup. 

What made this grave become mysterious is because there was a man killed and buried next to a woman. This woman, interestingly, was buried with weapons. 

Come from a family?

Recently, the archaeologists have made some discoveries. The DNA testing claimed that the man and the woman inside were son and mother. This, of course, debunked the previous claim stating that the man was a sacrificial slave. 

The archaeologists are very excited and they wanted to investigate further about this bonding. Because of this, the history of this mysterious grave will be re-written. There will be more and more interesting things for us to discover in the future. One spade into soil will give us more about Viking history.

Gerdrup grave

From what appeared in the site, the archaeologists agreed that these two people were executed. The man was hung and bound before being laid to his final resting place meanwhile the woman was weighed by something heavy such as a stone. Inside the grave they found out something like a sorceress's staff. 

In an old Viking saga, the scholars found out there was a story quite similar to this grave. The saga told a story about Katla and Odd, mother and son. Katla was a seeress and she was executed, being weighed by a big stone. Her son, Odd, was hung. 

By far, there have been no further claim about this grave. Many more messages might be awaiting ahead. Stay tuned. 

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