Mammen Axe Jewelry: The Most Striking Viking Jewelry

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Mammen Axe Jewelry: The Most Striking Viking Jewelry

In 1868, a farmer happened to find out a Viking grave with precious artifact fortune buried in the grave near Viborg. It is known as the grave from Mammen. The dead buried is believed to be magnate with expensive costume, a large wax candle, and an awe-inspiring axe which we call the Mammen Axe. 

Image of Mammen Axe Viking Axe

Viking Mammen Axe Design

The coffin that the dead man lay was placed in a wooden chamber. There were two axes at his feet. The man wore a kind of expensive clothes with premium cloth. It proved to be a precious finding, especially with the Mammen Axe which was not only majestic in the look but also awesome in the meaning.

Awesome Design on Mammen Axe Explained

Nearly everything of the Vikings related to their deeply-ingrained belief of Norse Gods. This Mammen Axe was no exception. On one surface of the Mammen axe, it presented the Yggdrasil Tree of Life which the Vikings respected. Yggdrasil Tree symbolises the eternity of life, the supreme wisdom of High Power, the justice of Norse gods, and ultimate protection against any negative force. 

Image of Viking Mammen Axe

Two Faces of the Viking Mammen Axe Explained

On the other side of the axe, it was assumed to be the rooster Gullinkambi "Golden Comb" living in Valhalla Odin's Hall for the Fallen. In Norse mythology, Gullinkambi the Rooster was responsible for waking up the warriors and to alarm the Nine Worlds of the upcoming Ragnarok Doom of Norse Gods. Other people believe that this other side of Mammen Axe presented the mythical creature Pheonix that was a symbol of rebirth from flame and ashes. 

Overall, the Mammen Axe is a true Viking Symbol that is not only stunning in the appearance but also carries the long-gone culture within every pattern on it. 

Mammen Axe: Inspiration for Viking Jewelry

It seems that anything relates to the Vikings can become an inspirational source for Viking Jewelry design. Unlike the Mjolnir hammer which became the ancient pattern for Viking jewelry design, the pattern of Mammen only appeared on axe. But this awesome pattern is utilized to decorate unique pieces of Viking Jewelry

One thing for sure, Mammen Axe is a noble Viking symbol. Because in the past, this symbol was found in the grave of the wealthy Viking with high social position of their time.

Image of Viking Mammen Axe Viking Jewelry

Viking Axe Pendant

Viking Mammen Axe Leather Bracelet

The Mammen axe symbol marries the modern jewelry design exudes not only a touch of nobility but also clarity and a signature style as well. The meaning of pattern on Mammen Axe Jewelry still remains the same as they once were in the past. Sacred and mystique because there might be another layer of meaning that we cannot interpret. 

The Mammen Axe Viking Jewelry is a perfect mix-and-match to any outfit of the wearers. Either one plans to hang out with fellows or to join a formal party, sporting the Mammen Axe Jewelry with any ensemble can steal the show. 

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