Viking Hoard Discovered on Saaremaa Island

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Viking Hoard Discovered on Saaremaa Island 

Saaremaa island is located in the Baltic Sea and is also the largest Estonian island. And recently, the archaeologists have just confirmed Viking presence on this island. 

Island Of Saaremaa

Island Of Saaremaa where the Vikings left their treasure

A licensed hobby detector helped the team of archaeologists make out the position of the hoard. 

Up to two hoards were found there. One of these could have dated back to the second half of the 10th century. They contained silver coins that the Viking might have owned via trade route crossing the Baltic. 

Coins in Viking hoards

Coins in Viking treasures 

The archaeologists announced that they found a bracelet that probably originated from the Vikings. During the Viking Age in Estonia, this area was divided into two areas based on their different cultures. 

For the geographical and strategic position, Saaremaa was the wealthiest county in the area. This totally made sense and explained why we now have the Viking treasures there. 

Silver coins were believed to have been buried there during upheaval or conflict in the region. 

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