Leif Erikson's Day

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Leif Erikson's Day

9 October has been recognized as the day for Leif Erikson a Viking explorer who made it to America earlier than  Columbus. 

Leif Erikson was a Norse explorer from Iceland. He was the son of Erik the Red one famous Viking figure in Viking saga. Leif Erikson lived in the late 10th century.

According to the Viking Saga, Leif and his crew sailed from Greenland to Norway in 999. But during the voyage, a storm blew off the ship. This completely changed Leif's life. Because Leif met some big figures this time and he decided to submit himself to the cross. In his early years, he was still a pagan. 

Leif Erikson

Leif Erikson

Legend had it that Leif saw American for the first time after being blown off course. 

Another source mentioned that Leif bought a ship from his friend and decided to sail. Because his father and grandfather did achieve something in their life, Leif had to so something remarkable as well. The man who sold his ship to Leif was a good friend telling Leif Erikson about what he had seen during his voyage. And based on what his friend said, Leif Erikson set sail.

And after days drifting on the waves, Leif decided to land and winter in a verdant area. And this land was the Vinland that we know today. The reason why Leif called it Vinland was because there were so many grapes growing up there. And grapes were for wine which later became the "Vin". 

Viking warrior Leif Erikson discovered Vinland

Viking explorer Leif Erikson discovered North America

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