Viking Hairstyles for Women

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Viking Hairstyles for Women

In the last blog post, we have discussed the Viking Hairstyles for Men which may offer the gentlemen the Viking looking and warrior spirit. The Vikings also inspire the women with their beautiful hairstyles exuding both strength and elegance. Pick your favorite Viking Women Hairstyles now!

1. The Lagertha Complex Hairstyle

If you love braid and loose hair, why don’t you try this Lagertha Hairstyle? All you need is a long hair and, of course, patience to braid your hair. This hairstyle sometimes is known as the Shield Maiden Hairstyle. Whether you choose the temple braids or side braid, the Lagertha Hairstyle will add the elegance, feminity, and royalty to your appearance. This hairstyle is highly recommended for the bright-colored hair.

Image of Viking hairstyle for womenImage of Viking hairstyle for women

Beautiful Lagertha Hairstyle in "Vikings"

2. The Shaved Warrior Hairstyle

The Shaved Warrior Hairstyle is another lovely hairstyle with braids. This hairstyle is a real challenge. As the name mentions it, if you want to try this hairstyle, you need to shave your temple. Then if you have finished the very first step of shaving, you should start braiding and styling your hair.

Image of Viking hairstyle for women

The Shaved Warrior Hairstyle in "Vikings"

3. Viking High Crown Braid

This Viking High Crown Braid hairstyle also demands an amount of time and patience to finish. This hairstyle will suit the atmosphere of a prom or some parties. Girls or women with this hairstyle will surely in possession of a royal princess look.

Image of viking female warrior hairstyle

The Viking High Crown Braid in "Vikings"

4. Dignified Plait

This hairstyle is supposed for the Queen. This Viking women hairstyle is truly unique and beautiful.

Image of Lagertha viking female hairstyleImage of Viking hairstyle for women

Dignified Plait in "Vikings"


To sum up, if you are in love with the Viking women hairstyles and willing to spare your time styling your hair, some recommendations will perfectly of your preferences.

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