Viking Beard Tips and Styles (Part 1 of 2)

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Viking Beard Tips and Styles (Part 1 of 2)

The Vikings are famous not only for their outstanding warfare tactics but also for their ahead-of-time style. They were not one hundred percent fierce, dirty, and burly men. The Viking men and women got accustomed to daily hygiene actually. Though they do not bathe every single day, they did care for their hair and skin. This resulted in many awesome Viking Hairstyles for Men and Viking Hairstyles for Women as well.

If you are desperate to alter your look into a true Viking man, hairstyle only is not enough. You should have your own beard-style. It is not enough just to grow beard only, you need to style it. This writing will give you some tips for beard growth and care

The very first step to get a Viking beard is to grow your own beard.

Image of Ragnar hairstyle

Ragnar Beard in "Vikings"


The most important key factor in this phase is your patience. You need patience to not only wait for the beard growth process but also the following maintenance. Remember that the beard is not constantly growing and it may be months or even years before the beard reaches the length you desire.


Protein as Priority. Remember that you are what you eat. Every part of your body reflects the source of nourishment coming into your body. So, if you provide yourself with a high source of protein, your beard growth will be much more quickly and much healthier. Fish, nuts, and red meat – these are the wonderful protein source that will help your beard get a perfect length and strength.

Image of viking food for beard


Hygiene, hygiene, and hygiene. Shampoo your beard every day! Your beard is just as fragile as your hair. It needs to be washed, shampooed, and cared every day. This step will serve to moisturize the skin under your beard, not to mention it cleaning and nourishing your beard. You will need, of course, your favorite brand of shampoo. Then work up a good lather, spread it upon your beard, let it sit for 2 or 3 minutes and rinse it thoroughly.

Image of tips to have Viking beard



Take care of your beard every day even it already has the perfect length and style. After shampooing your beard (and waiting for it to dry completely), you need to comb your beard religiously. “Religiously” means you comb it from top to down, slowly, and carefully. Because your facial skin is very sensitive and so is your facial hair. Thereby, it requires your carefulness and patience. If you do not comb your beard daily, it will have knots and tangles and styling it later will be a terrible nightmare. To style your beard, you might need Beard Oil, Beard Styling Balm, Sea Salt Spray, Beard Comb, etc.



Viking beard is not only the long beard. The long beard is a very common Viking image. However, this may require a huge amount of time and effort to maintain your beard. The Viking beard now may be influenced by the modern culture and it does not really need to be the long beard. Shorter beard somehow will be wiser and even cooler. So, consider your face shape and what suits you the most!

Ragnar short and long beard in "Vikings"

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  • DO NOT WASH YOUR BEARD EVERYDAY…You’ll have a dry viking bush.
    I wash mine maybe 3-4 times per month. Instead Co wash it. This is washing with a good conditioner. You’ll thank me.
    Also, women were NOT vikings!!! Only MEN!

    Mark on

  • I like the style -need more than one style

    Homar Gonzalez on

  • Try and find some authentic representations of what a viking beard and hair was not the commercial tv series. I doubt that they cut their hair like that

    Bern on

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