Viking Axe: Viking Jewelry Honoring Long Gone Tradition

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Viking Axe: Viking Jewelry Honoring Long Gone Tradition

Without the axe, the image of the Vikings would never be complete. Axe was the most symbolic and major weapons in the Viking age. Because it was affordable to most of the Vikings from all walks of life. As time progressed, the Viking axe was not merely the weapons to chop the trees or to smash the enemies, it has become the Viking symbol honouring the long gone tradition of the Vikings.

Viking Axe: The constant companion of the Vikings

The Viking axe was affordable for nearly the whole community of the Vikings. Even the poor Viking men could get himself an axe. This was because the axe didn't take much time and effort to create it. 

Viking axe creation in the modern world

The modern construction of creating the Viking axe

The blacksmith would create the axe head out of the piece of metal, commonly iron. The iron piece would be flattened and folded to make the axe head. The eye in the axe head would be the connector between the haft and the axe head. 

The process of creating the Viking axe didn't take as much time as that of creating the sword. 

The farm Viking axes were different from the battle Viking axes. For example, the battle axes would be designed to focus on the lightweight and speed. This would help the warriors with smart and swift movements in battle. 

Viking artifacts found. Viking historical axes

Viking historical axes excavated 

Viking Axe Symbolism 

In the past, Viking axe was just a weapon to help the Vikings. The close connection with the Viking warriors turned the Viking axe into a symbol of the Viking age. The Viking axe itself symbolises not only the power of the Viking warriors but their traditions and the figurative meanings as well. 

Sometimes, the Viking axe even presents the nobility and wealth. This is because the archaeologists once excavated the Mammen axe which was among the most luxurious and well-decorated Viking weaponry artifacts. 

Symbol of strength

Needless to say, the Viking axe is the symbol of strength. Two things that the victims were afraid of the Vikings: the ships and the axes. While the Viking ships posed a possible danger to the victims, the Viking axe meant bloodshed and violence was to happen. 

Viking Double Axe pendant

Viking Double Axe Shield Pendant presents the strength and bravery of the Viking warriors

The Vikings once wielded their axes on their raiding and looting voyages. They would never hesitate a second to wield their axe to behead their enemies. It presents the strength and the fighting spirit of the Vikings during their glorious time.

Symbol of Honor for the Viking long-gone tradition

The Vikings would have their own axe ever since their childhood. They would follow their fathers and brothers to the farm and learn to master their axe. The Viking axes are the most common artifacts that the archaeologists found inside the Viking burial mounds. This suggested the close connection between the Vikings and the axes. 

The Vikings used the axe to chop the trees, to cultivate on the farm, to build their house, to help out in the fishing voyage, to hunt down the animals, to wreak havoc to their enemies, etc. Viking axe accordingly becomes a part of the Viking tradition. 

Symbol of Norse Spirit Never Backing Down

The Viking warriors were great, not only their good physique but also their mental power. Nothing could ever prevent the Vikings from achieving what they really wanted. They would not admit defeat easily. The harsh weather didn't prevent them from thriving. The vast ocean didn't hamper the Viking voyage to reach new lands. 

Viking Axe Pendant as the Viking jewelry honoring the long gone Viking tradition

Viking Axe Pendant often marries the modern design and the classic Viking patterns

The Viking axe is the symbol that can summon this Viking spirit. It is not only the physical power of the Vikings but also the mental power. The Viking axe symbolizes the cut through what holds one back hindering them to fulfil the ambition.

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