Viking Arrowhead Found in Hardanger Recently

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Viking Arrowhead Found in Hardanger Recently

Recently, the archaeologists have announced that they discovered a Viking arrowhead in the mountains of Hardanger.

According to the scholars, as the glaciers melt down and the ground changes, there are more and more artifacts show up frequently. And that's how the archaeologists have found a Viking arrowhead which measures 12 centimeters in length.  

About one thousand years ago, a hunter was hunting for survival at a height of 1,400 meters above the sea level in Eidfjord. The hunter probably had an arrow and a bow for his hunting game. But his aim must have been so poor that he lost his arrowhead into the snow. 

Viking arrowhead artifact found

And thanks for this, we now have the remains of what the hunter left. A local was walking along near the mountain when he stumbled over the arrowhead. It was laying on the floor close by. And the man immediately realized that there was something special about that thing.

And the man took "the thing" to the archaeologists at Hordaland county council. And the result turned out to be that there had been no similar finding around the area before the arrowhead. 

Because the arrowhead was left exposed to the air, it decomposed and would erode and was about to disappear forever. The wooden part of this weapon is completely gone. 

The arrowhead was made from iron. And the place where the arrow was found was near the former settlements. 

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