Viking Tune Ship: The Very First Viking Ship Found

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Viking Tune Ship: The Very First Viking Ship Found

By far there have been few Viking ships completely excavated. Among them, the most famous must be the Oseberg ship and Gokstad ship as no Viking ships excavated can outdo the luxury level of them both. Besides the two, the first Viking ship that has been found is the Tune ship. 

This blog post is to give some magnificent photos of the Viking Tune ship. 

Viking Tune ship is a small type of Viking longship with a very broad hull.

The archaeologists carried out the excavation of the ship at the Haugen farm on the island of Rolvsoy, Tune, Ostford, Norway. And that's why the ship was named Tune Ship. 

Viking Tune Ship

Viking Tune Ship

Like other Viking ships, Tune ship was found in a burial mound. The burial, as well as the ship, had been exposed to the air when the archaeologists reached it. That made the ship decompose and lose the original state. 

The ship is possibly 18.7 meters in length (~6ft) and 4.2 meters in width (14ft). 12 pairs of oars were for the ship. 

Viking tune ship

Many modern scholars believe that the archaeologists at the time were to take half of the responsibility when it came to the destruction of the Tune ship. Because they wanted to carry out the excavation quickly, they deformed the ship with spades and so. The excavation was told to carry out within weeks which was too short a period of time for the professional excavation. 

Tune Ship now can be found in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. 

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