Galloway Hoard: Viking Hoard in Scotland

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Galloway Hoard: Viking Hoard in Scotland 

Whenever the spade touches the dirt, something about the Viking age is revealed. And this time, it was the Galloway Hoard which was considered among "the most significant Viking hoards ever found in Scotland. 

Map of Britain and Ireland showing the location of Galloway, where the Hoard was discovered.

This is where the hoard was discovered 

Galloway Hoard consists of more than 100 gold and silver items dating back to the Viking Age. The hoard was found on the land of Church of Scotland. 

A metal detector enthusiast happened to discover the hoard and quickly informed the authorities about the finding. And promptly, the archaeologists quickly carried out an excavation to bring this hoard to the public eye. 

The hoard turned out to be that it consisted of treasures from Viking, Anglo-Saxon, and many parts around Europe. The scholars agreed that the hoard was buried around the mid-ninth or tenth century though the reason why ancient people buried the hoard remained a big question. 

The hoard was estimated to hold the treasure up to 2.6 million US dollars. 

When the metal detectorist found the first object, it was an arm ring. But he had no idea about what he had found and he only thought that it was a silver spoon. but a kind of Saltine design made him realize that it belonged to the Viking Age. He ran to others who accompanied him and shouted "Viking!". And then he made the second discovery of Viking artifacts in his life. The first time was in 2013.

All of the items originated around Europe like Ireland, Scandinavia, and other central Europe. 

Five armbands from the hoard had the runic inscription on them. Some of the letters were about a man named Eggbriht (possibly Egbert in English). 

Egbert runic name on the Viking artifact

The artifact that features "Eggbrith"

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