Runes - The magical alphabet

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Runes – The Magical Alphabet

Words are of importance in any historical era or any geographic region. Human use words to communicate daily, to convey their thought and wish to others. Accordingly, words have likewise occupied an extremely irreplaceable part in people’s faith and culture for which Runic alphabet (Runes) is a perfect example. The ancient Norse people and today Norse fans have used the Runes for divine purposes.

So in Norse mythology, how Runes were known to the cosmos?

The origin of Runes in Norse mythology can be traced back to the days of Odin’s sacrifice. Odin the Allfather for long has been known for his deep thirst for knowledge and he wanted to see and control destiny. To fulfill his ambition, he must be able to acknowledge the magical Runes – a system of symbolic words carrying the power and wisdom within themselves.

Image of Odin rune discovery

Odin did make his sacrifice. He tormented himself by his own spear and hang himself on Yggdrasil tree – the Tree of Life - without eating or drinking. After nine days and nights, the meaning of Runes was revealed. That is to say, in Norse myth Odin was the very first God to introduce Runes to the universe.

The power of Runes

Runic alphabet was not only used for normal communication between human and human. Being divine symbols and linked with deities, runes were also the magical symbols to be read and understood by some nonhuman beings. This turned runes into a tool to facilitate communication between human and higher powers like Gods. Accordingly, runes were regarded as an instrument to invoke deity and convey the wish and desire of human. Moreover, runes are believed to have been a means of portraiting destiny of all beings and been able to alter the course of destiny. Overall, runes itself possess a magical fountain of mysterious power that cannot completely be interpreted.

The meaning of each Runic letter

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The runic pattern for jewelry design

Due to its close connection to invincible power and its own magical strength, runes have been favored among all the divine symbols.

Therefore, it has become a wonderful source of inspiration for Norse jewelry designers and purchasers.

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