Odin's Wife in Norse Myth

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Odin's Wife in Norse Myth

Like the human, Norse gods had their feelings and love toward the others despite their supreme power and being respected. They loved, married, and bore children. Odin the Allfather presiding over Asgard had many lovers but the one that was viewed as his official wife was goddess Frigg. 

Who was Goddess Frigg?

Being the wife of Odin, Frigg was at the highest rank in the Aesir goddesses. In other words, she was the chief goddess in Norse pantheon while her husband was the chief god. Frigg was known as the Earth Mother. She was the only one that was allowed to sit on the High Throne of Odin to witness the whole cosmos. Often, Frigg was described as a beautiful goddess in long dress weaving the clouds. Frigg was the goddess of love, motherhood, and marriage. Many materials said that Frigg had the power to know the fates of others. However, she would say nothing about it until the day that fate befell. She was the devoted wife and a wonderful mother. 

Frigg the Queen in Norse mythology

Frigg the only Queen of Asgard in Norse mythology

Frigg Saving the Beloved Son

Frigg and Odin had a son who was the beloved god Baldur. Baldur was so beautiful and he treated people so fairly that people loved him very much. However, Frigg and Baldur had the same dream about Baldur's death. This really upset Frigg as the mother love within Frigg was so great. She worried for her son every day and even in her dreams. Because of this, Frigg begged all creatures in the cosmos not to harm her son. Everyone agreed to do so (of course Baldur was loved) except for the mistletoe which Frigg forgot. 

As Loki the trickster knew this, he came up with a conspiracy to murder Baldur. He tricked the blind god Hodr into throwing the mistletoe arrow into Baldur. This, undoubtedly, finished the life of Baldur who then had to travel to Helheim only come back after Ragnarok. 

Image of Baldur and Frigg Norse Mythology

Baldur Death

Frigg broke down on hearing her son's death. But she quickly grabbed her mind and dealt with the fact. Though the negotiation to retrieve Baldur back failed, Frigg showed how great was mother love. 


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