Norsemen Spirit

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Norsemen Spirit

What is the biggest lesson that Norse mythology has taught you? It's hard to tell, isn't it? Because this fountain of wonderful stories never stops inspiring others to observe the world, to move on away from hardships, and to live life to the fullest. The spirit of the beings in Norse mythology is a golden example of such inspiration. Besides the Gods' Fighting Spirit in Ragnarok, we are to discuss the Norsemen Spirit. 

What is the Norsemen Spirit that we are mentioning? Simply a line: Live for Odin's wisdom, Freya's love, and Thor's protection. 

Odin's Wisdom

Odin was one of the most famous and important figures in Norse mythology. He was the ruler of Asgard the land of gods and also the father of Thor the God of Thunder and Storm. Odin was the Raven God, God of War and Death, and also known as the God of Poetry. Besides such title, Odin was also the God of Wisdom. The burning desire of learning more inside Odin never seemed to stop. 

He was willing to give up many of his crucial things just to gain more knowledge. He traded his eye for a drink of the Mimir's water which would allow the drinker to know everything in the world. Odin even sacrificed himself by hanging on the Yggdrasil Tree, being stabbed and inflicted by hunger and thirst, only to get the ability to decipher runes. He got his knowledge and information from many sources, for example sitting on the High Throne to observe the cosmos and having his ravens telling him about the stories in the Nine Worlds. There was time Odin devoted his power and time to retrieve the Mead of Poetry which would make the drinker of the Mead had wisdom and more power. 

Odin's wisdom was an infinite source. But he never satisfied with his knowledge, maybe because he was not recognized as the wisest Norse figure (this title belonged to Kvasir who was born as a peace treaty of the Viking Gods War). Thereby, he never stopped his quest for knowledge. 

Freya's Love

Freya was the goddess from the Vanir god tribe. She was beautiful and was known as the goddess of love in Norse mythology. Freya had a twin brother whose name was Freyr. Their father was Njord - the god of the seafaring. Njord, Freyr, and Freya came to dwell in Asgard as the exchanged hostage to seal the peace treaty of the Viking Gods War.  

A quite famous story about Freya was her love for the mysterious husband. Her husband was one of the most mystical figures in Norse myth. There were two things that we know about Freya's husband: 1. His name was Od. 2. He disappeared. The sudden disappearance of husband broke the heart of the beautiful goddess. She cried a lot and her tears became the golden stones which were just perfect for making jewelry. Freya spent her power and time searching for her husband. She roamed every corner in the Nine Worlds but failed to find out any trace of her husband. The more she went out finding, the more disappointed she got. 

Thor's Protection

Little explanation for this figure though. Thor has become the most famous Norse figure by far for the adaptation of Thor into famous blockbusting movies. He was the god of Thunder and Storm who wielded the Mjolnir hammer in the hand and smashed the skull of his enemies. Many worshipped Thor for he was powerful and courageous. Other worshipped him for his kindness and generosity. Thor would not only defend the Norse pantheon but he helped to protect the human as well. In many ceremonies like a birthday or wedding, Thor would appear and give his blessings to the people. 


 Live for Odin's wisdom, Freya's love, and Thor's protection

It does not tell us to "live with". Instead, to "live for". This means the active involvement in achieving Odin's wisdom, Freya' love, and Thor's protection. Though reaching the perfection of Norse gods who obviously had some shortcomings is impossible, setting goals (Odin's wisdom, Freya's love, and Thor's protection) to better oneself is feasible. It is about the conscious employment of action and active energy to accomplish great things. That is the Norsemen spirit which belonged to the Norse pantheon worshippers. 

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