Norse Wolf Tattoos

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Norse Wolf Tattoos

Wolf tattoo has become one of the trendiest tattoos these days. Indeed, the wolf is a wonderful source for tattoo designs as they can be portrayed in a variety of ways. To any Norse lovers and followers, the wolf must be a controversy though no one can ever deny the power and influence of the wolf in Norse world. Thereby, a wolf tattoo is also a favorite choice for the Norse lovers. In this blog post, we would love to discuss the ideas and the meanings of Norse Wolf Tattoos. 

Image of Fenrir tattoo norse wolf tattoos

Fenrir tattoo

In Norse mythology, the wolves played many roles, ranging from the good to the bad ones. The most notorious wolf in Norse mythology must be Fenrir God of Destruction while the most famous pair of wolves was Geki and Freki, Odin's wolves. 

Fenrir God of Destruction

Fenrir was the son of Loki and a true giant in blood. Like many other giants, Fenrir expressed his bad blood toward the Norse pantheon. Later, many interpreted Fenrir's actions as a revenge for the gods playing tricks on him though. But the destructive level of Fenrir in Norse myth was incredible. He was the co-leader of the giant army who headed to Asgard to slay the gods and burnt the whole world with the giant flames. 

Geki and Freki 

Legend had it that Odin had a pair of wolves whose names were Geki and Freki respectively. They were known as Odin's constant companions. They accompanied Odin to his battles and, of course, in Ragnarok. Odin offered all of his food to his wolves while he chose to consume only wine. That was enough food and drink for Odin. Geki and Freki, thereby, became the symbol of Odin and his presence. 

Norse Wolf Tattoos Meaning

Wolf tattoo has been viewed as a mainstream tattoo in this day and age. Though in Norse mythology, Fenrir wolf ignited the flames of destruction, people now possess the different viewpoint and they see Norse wolf with respect for the wolf spirit and special attributes. Maybe because of the figurative meanings, Norse wolf tattoos are favored. 


The power of every wolf that appeared in Norse mythology was undeniable. Hardly could any creature in Norse myth rival the power of Fenrir as Wolf Fenrir was powerful enough to slay the chief god Odin the Allfather. Odin's wolves were also mighty as only the mighty ones could be constant companions of this Father of All. People with the Norse wolf tattoo definitely want to possess the incredible strength of Fenrir, Geki, and Freki. This power will help them be confident in their life and offer them enough courage to get over any difficulties in life. (See Viking Strength Symbols)

Image of powerful Norse wolf tattoo

Wolf tattoo on the sleeve


This must be the hidden meaning in every Norse wolf tattoo. If we focus much on the life of Fenrir, we can easily figure out that Fenrir was so much mentally attached to his family. He focused and trusted his family the most. Many people now assume that Ragnarok was the revenge for what his family had been suffered because of Norse pantheons. Moreover, the close connection and similarity between Fenrir and his siblings and father were clear: their grudge toward the gods. 

Anyone with the Fenrir tattoo wants to display their love to their family. They want to remind themselves that no matter how the world treats them, their family is where their hearts and minds are shaped. 


Yes, unpredictability was one of the most important attributes of the Norse wolf. No creatures in Norse world could ever predict what wolf Fenrir would do. The gods could not know what quickly Fenrir grew up until they raised Fenrir themselves. They did not know how powerful Fenrir was until they tried to bind Fenrir twice but only managed to do so in their third time. 

That is to say, we can pour our hope of being unpredictable in this life into our own Norse wolf tattoo.

Warrior Spirit

Image of  norse Wolf tattoo and helm of awe

Norse wolf tattoo with Helm of Awe Symbol

Either Fenrir or Odin's wolves, they all were the warriors. They fought for their ideals. They were fearless and they wanted the enemies to bow before them and knee down. 

In case you want to have a reminder to evoke the warrior spirit of yourself, a Norse wolf tattoo is recommended. The tattoo will, for sure, guide your spirit to be wider and still wiser as the Norse wolf warriors once were. 

May Norse wolf tattoo guide you through the battles of life

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