Viking Strength Symbols

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Viking Strength Symbols

The Vikings possessed a unique and meaningful source of symbols. Those Viking symbols stood the test of time and have gained a great amount of reputation in this day and age. Each Viking symbol implies meanings of knowledge, fortune, guide, and so on. However, among all of them are the symbols of protection that have been favored the most.

In the Viking time, the symbols of strength were preferred and used for amulets. Because many Vikings took on the life of sea warriors who attended raids and wars, thereby, what they need most was the strength to bring their enemies down on their knees.

Mjölnir Hammer

Thor was one of the most revered gods to the Vikings. He was the god of lightning and thunder whose strength was second to none in Norse pantheon. His primary weapon was the Mjölnir hammer which became his constant companion in any battle. Thereby, Mjölnir hammer has now become the symbol of Thor and his power.

Image of THor Hammer Viking Strength Symbol

Thor and Mjölnir Hammer

The Vikings worshipped Thor and undoubtedly, they would use the symbol of Thor to call for Thor’s strength and presence in their life. According, the Mjölnir hammer became one of the most important Viking strength symbols. The Viking warriors might pierce the Mjölnir symbol on their bodies or created their own Mjolnir amulet to carry with them into the battle.


Wolf once was a sign of destruction to the Norse gods. In Norse mythology, a pair of wolves swallowed Sun and Moon and wolf Fenrir even slew God Odin in Ragnarok. However, in the modern sense, Viking/Norse wolf becomes the symbol of extraordinary strength. Fenrir is the most shining example of this. Even though Fenrir was the Norse villain after all people assume Fenrir did everything to revenge those who mistreated and cheated him. His strength and outstanding power were undeniable.

Image of Fenrir God of destruction

Fenrir God of Destruction

Fenrir was a giant wolf who was very savage and afraid of no one. Though many people might view the Norse wolf symbol as negativity, no one could ever doubt the supernatural strength of Wolf Fenrir. Fenrir possessed within itself the strength to both destroy and rebuild the cosmos.

Helm of Awe

Image of Helm of Awe Viking Strength Power

Helm of Awe or Ægishjálmr was a symbol of strength and protection to the Vikings. This symbol includes eight spikes radiating out and defending the central circle. A look at the Helm of Awe evokes the feeling of strength and fear immediately.

Many Viking warriors used this symbol as their amulet for battle. As they wanted the strength to defeat their foes and the protection against any negative vibes.

Viking Axe

Single-edged axe has become the most famous weapon when it comes to the Viking Age. In the past, each Viking man possessed their own axe since childhood. They not only used their axe for agriculture and fishing but also for raids and wars. With some skills, the Vikings could use their axe with ease and maneuverability. As many Viking warriors could not afford a sword for battle, axe was their most common weapon. With the aid of a simply-designed axe, the Viking warriors made their fame and wealth during their famous successful raids.

Image of Viking warrior

Viking warrior and Viking axe

Considering the meaning of Viking axe, it stands for the strength and audacity. Moreover, the Viking axe also presents the strength of the Viking ancestors who bent the world to their will with the help of axe.

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Image of Thor Hammer Pendant Viking Jewelry

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