Mjolnir Hammer Amulet: Historical or Not?

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Mjolnir Hammer Amulet: Historical or Not?

Thor was one of the most powerful Viking Gods. He was the son of God Odin and giantess Jord. Back in the Viking time, Thor had so great an influence on the Vikings that there were traces of worshipping Thor. Though we might catch sight of Viking Jewelry of Mjolnir Thor's Hammer in this day and age, it opened to a question as to whether Mjolnir Hammer Amulet was historical or not.

Short answer: Yes, it was historical.
Long answer: Before we dwell in interesting information, we should take a look at Mjolnir Hammer in Norse mythology.


In Norse mythology, Mjolnir hammer belonged to Thor God of Thunder and Storm. Mjolnir hammer was associated with thunder and lightning. Almost every giants in the cosmos were afraid of the Mjolnir Hammer. Thor used his Mjolnir hammer to defend Asgard and the humanity. Besides being a protective weapon, Mjolnir hammer could even give blessings to other people on formal occasions like birthdays or weddings. 

Hardly did Thor go out without the Mjolnir hammer. It was his primary weapon. Wherever Thor was, Mjolnir hammer was near, and there would be a skull of the giant to be smashed. Because of this, Mjolnir hammer became the symbol presenting not only Thor but also his supreme power. 


Many Viking things we know these days might be the modern works but Mjolnir hammer is not.

The discovery of the 10th century Viking artifact resembled the Mjolnir hammer. At first, however, scholars just presumed that it was the hammer-like artifact but there was no firm conclusion whether it presented Mjolnir hammer or not. 

Image of Thor Hammer Amulet

Mjolnir Thor Hammer artifact found

Good thing is, a pendant recently found in Købelev on the Danish island of Lolland ends the debate of historical Mjolnir Hammer Amulet. What makes this pendant different from other artifacts is that it has the inscription of runic letters. The runes read "Hmar x is" and it means "This is a Hammer". The pendant was cast in bronze and had traces of tin and silver. This pendant again confirmed the great influence of Thor and Norse mythology into Viking life, especially the Vikings used the Mjolnir Hammer Amulet. 

Image of Viking Mjolnir Thor Hammer Amulet found place

A pendant recently found in Købelev on the Danish island of Lolland

Image of Viking Mjolnir Hammer Amulet

The runic inscription reads "Hmar x is". Cre: National Museum of Denmark


God Thor has not only influenced the Vikings but also the people in this day and age. Generally, the Mjolnir hammer amulet of modern Viking Jewelry marries the modern styles and layers of meaning of Mjolnir hammer. The Mjolnir Thor's Hammer Jewelry still carries the meaning like it used to in the ancient Viking time. It presents the power and the daring mind of Thor who was always willing to defend the humanity. With the Mjolnir hammer amulet, the wearers are sure to be endowed with blessings and protection of Thor. 

Image of Mjolnir hammer viking jewelry

Stainless Steel Triquetra Mjolnir Pendant Necklace 

Jewelry should always have a story behind it. Whether its story relates to our beloved or to the milestones of our life. But one thing for sure is that when the jewelry has a specific meaning to your mind and body, you would love to wear it even more. To the ones who fall in love with Norse myth and the Vikings, Mjolnir hammer amulet meets all the standards to become a timeless treasure. (See more: Mjolnir Thor Hammer Necklace A Jewelry that protects you)

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