Why Thor Hammer is Becoming Trendy Jewelry?

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Why Thor Hammer is Becoming Trendy Jewelry?

For the Viking enthusiast community, Thor hammer is nothing new. But the original Thor hammer will not look like the modern ones (you can see new Mjolnir hammer on the screen these days). This piece of article will revolves around the original Thor hammer which the archaeologists have been excavating across Europe, especially Scandinavia. Lately, Thor hammer has become a piece of trendy jewelry. 

Who is Thor in Norse Mythology?

The original version of Thunder god will be a little different from the modern version. Not actually two poles apart. Yet, there will be differences. The original version of Thor was among the most important gods in Asgard. But he never fell in love with a human. Thor's wife was Sif a goddess in Asgard and she had the most beautiful golden hair in the cosmos. 

Thor was never a brother of Loki in Norse mythology. Loki was never a foster child of Odin. In the version of Norse mythology, Loki and Thor were sworn enemies as they came from different tribes that hated each other. Everything was finally doomed in Ragnarok and both Thor and Loki were finally killed in the battle. 

Thor Hammer the Great Mjolnir in Norse mythology

Thor's weapon in Norse mythology

In Norse mythology, Thor had a Mjolnir Hammer which was crafted by the dwarves the most brilliant craftsmen in the cosmos. With the Mjolnir hammer, Thor could call up the power of Thunder and Storm. And with the help of this magical weapon, Thor could smash the skulls of anyone with ease. Also with this Mjolnir hammer, Thor could bless those who believed in him. 

After the death of Thor in Ragnarok, the Mjolnir was inherited by his son. Thor's son carried the Mjolnir hammer into the new generation. 

Why Thor Mjolnir Hammer has become trendy?

Without a doubt, Thor hammer is gaining more and more popularity. Not only because the beautiful and sleek design in the appearance but also the meaningful message behind it. 

Sleek design

With a little bit investment into the stainless steel material, here we have a Mjolnir hammer necklace that can shine and stand the test of time. Sometimes I feel like the Thor Mjolnir hammer looks a little bit like an inverted cross. This kind of design is appropriate for both men and women. 

Thor Hammer Necklace BaviPower

There are many more additional patterns on the Mjolnir hammer once it has become an iconic symbols. Yet, to me, the most beautiful one is still the Mammen Thor hammer necklace. Not only because of the sleek design but also the Mammen style belongs to a period of Viking history. 

Hidden message: Don't worry, we had Thor on our side.

Back to the Viking days, the Vikings did wear Mjolnir hammer necklace as a piece of protection amulet. Some sources mentioned that when Christians wanted to dominate the Vikings, the Viking warriors and farmers started to wear Thor hammer necklace as a counter attack to the Christians. They wanted to state their loyalty to the Norse Pantheon and they also wanted to evoke the presence of Thor in their life. 

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