Best Viking Quotes about Brotherhood

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Best Viking Quotes about Brotherhood

There is a saying that the hardest walk is walking alone but it will make you the strongest. This is not 100% correct, to be honest. The strength of a united team is perhaps twice as good as one single entity, isn't it? In the ancient Viking times, without the brotherhood, would they have built such an enormous empire that could strike fear anywhere they go? Brothers in the Viking sense didn't need to have the same blood. As long as they were willing to bleed for each other, they became brothers. 

1. Be your friend's true friend. Return gift for gift. Return laughter for laughter. But repay betrayal with treachery. (The Hámavál the Sayings of Odin).
2. Kinsmen to kinsmen should be true.

Always be a faithful friend to your brothers. Kinsmen means more than ordinary brothers. 

3. Gold is little comfort for the kinsmen dead.

The Vikings loved fortune, especially gold. But such of wealth couldn't compare to their security of their brothers. No amount of gold is as treasured as the life of their brothers. 

4. I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than without one in the light.
5. To be without honor is better than to be without brothers
6He falls not whom true friends help forward on his way

The importance of brotherhood is captured in this quote. As long as you have your brothers come to your aid, you shouldn't fear any hardships that might pop up along the way. 

7. Everyone has some friend, even among his enemies.

You always have someone as your friends as long as you are willing to spend your time looking for them.

8. All should be told to a friend.
9. It may go well at first, for those who try to lord it over others, but they may find things more difficult as time goes by.

Don't try to behave you are better than your brothers. It's just a contemporary success. The result turns out to be the broken bonds of your brotherhood.

10. Be kind to friend and kin, and reward not their trespasses against you. 

There must be a great number of Viking quotes about brotherhood. But even without words, we can feel this spirit through their great success. Without the power of brotherhood and unity, the Viking era could not have grown so much incredible. What the generation like us can inherit from them are ancient quotes from which turn out to be lessons. Such inspiring Viking quotes are the timeless treasure to all of us. 

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