10 Things about Ragnarok that You Don't Know

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Things about Ragnarok that You Don't Know

Ragnarok is not a strange word unless you've been living on an isolated island. The story of many modern arts is rooted in the Ragnarok which makes it become a popular term. But acquainting with the word "Ragnarok" is completely different from knowing what it really is in its origin in Norse mythology. Fear not because we are to give you ten things you don't know about Ragnarok. Finishing this article, you will be off that isolated island, way back home! 

1. Ragnarok is not the destruction of the cosmos. Rather, it is the destruction of Norse gods. In other words, Ragnarok puts an end to the glorious Norse Pantheon. The meaning of "Ragnarok" is the Twilight of Gods.
2. Ragnarok is prophesied long before it happens. Norse gods attempt to prevent Ragnarok but all of their attempts are in vain. 
3. The first sign of Ragnarok is the death of Baldur who is Odin's son. 
4. Other signs signalling Ragnarok are three consecutive winters in Midgard land of humanity. Also in Midgard, brothers fight against each other and blood is shed everywhere. 
7. Before Ragnarok, two wolves, Hati and Skoll, swallow the Sun and the Moon, sending the world into darkness. 

Image of Ragnarok Doom of Gods

A depiction of Ragnarok Doom of Viking Gods

5. Norse gods prepare a lot prior to Ragnarok. For example, Odin chooses the bravest fallen human warriors to join his Valhalla hall. Such warriors would join Ragnarok battle to support Norse gods. 
6. Yggdrasil the Great Tree of Life that connects the cosmos trembles when the sky breaks in Ragnarok. But the Great Tree doesn't collapse. It just stands tall and makes it through Ragnarok. 
7. Every god faces their sworn enemy in Ragnarok. But nearly none of them survive the battle. 
8. Odin the Norse chief god encounters Fenrir the enormous wolf who triggers off Ragnarok. What is prophesied happens, Fenrir swallows Odin. Vidar Odin's son makes Fenrir pay the ultimate price for Odin's death. 
9. Two humans survive Ragnarok because of hiding in the trunk of Yggdrasil. They are supposed to repopulate the world. 
10. Few gods survive Ragnarok: Baldur, Hodr, and Vidar Odin's Sons, Magni and Modi Thor's children, and some less known Gods. 

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