Awesome Viking Tattoos that Will Steal The Show

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Awesome Viking Tattoos that Will Steal The Show

It is cool to have a Viking tattoo on your body, helping you show respect to Viking warriors and exude the Viking spirit from inside. The only problem is that many people have them and even have similar tattoos on the same spots. This blog post is a collection of awesome Viking tattoos that are unique. 

The "similar tattoos" we mention are tattoos like Vegvisir, Valknut, or Helm of Awe. Nobody can deny that these tattoos are one of a kind and awesome. But the point here is that they are so popular that they become normal. Below are more creative Viking Tattoos. 

Freya's cat

In Norse mythology, cats were not pets inside the house. They were the constant companions of Freya Goddess of war, love, and sex. In the Viking culture, the sailors kept cats during their voyage. These savage sailors didn't keep the cat to cuddle. Instead, cats would help the Vikings to save their food on the boat away from insects. 

Accordingly, cats became a very special creature to the Vikings. They presented strength and softness, intelligence and bravery, independence and connections. 

Viking Cat Tattoo Unique Viking tattoos

Viking Cat Tattoo Freya Unique Tattoo

Viking Art Tattoo

Many might think that Viking art didn't carry any holy meaning because they didn't reflect anything. To be honest, the Viking art carried the history of the Vikings. And the history of the Vikings was holy. It reminded us how the Viking age was and how people in that time appreciated art. 

Generally, Viking art tattoo reminds us of the Viking glory that forever lost in the dust of time. 

Viking Art Tattoo on thigh

Viking art tattoo

Viking Tattoo on arm


Raven Tattoo on temple

This idea is inspired by Ragnar Lothbrok character in TV Show "Vikings". Through the series, we can see the evolution of the tattoo around Ragnar's head. Nobody can deny that Raven tattoo of Ragnar rocked every time. 

Personally, I think, Raven tattoo on temple presents Odin and his power. Moreover, it states that the person with the tattoo was Odin's offspring. This tattoo is suitable for anyone who worshipped Odin. 

Viking Ragnar Head Tattoo

Viking Ragnar tattoo

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