Viking Urnes Styles and Where to Find Them?

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Viking Urnes Styles and Where to Find Them?

The last Viking style in the list was Viking Urnes Style. It was the last phase of Viking art marking the last days of Viking glory as well. 

Viking Urnes styles dated back to 1050 to circa the 12th century. The Urnes style evolved from Viking former style - Ringerike style. But scholars agreed that compared with the Viking Ringerike style, Urnes style was much clearer and more stylish. But both of them shared the great fondness toward great beast originated from the Mammen style. 

The name of "Urnes" came from a stave church in Urnes, Norway. The wood door of the church was carved with four-legged animals interlacing with almond eyes wide open. Snakes, plants, and most importantly loops were featured. The door of Urnes church is now the most regular image popping up in mind when it comes to Viking Urnes Style. But actually, we can observe Urnes styles on many Viking runestones in Uppland, Sweden.

Viking Urnes church Viking urnes style

Viking Urnes church seen from outside

Many people questioned why a Viking art popped up in a church. The reason was that, during this time, the Viking community met and was about to get Christianized. They learnt a new region but some of their old tradition and beliefs still lingered on. 

Like the former styles, the animals' heads of the Urnes styles could be observed in profile. The slim and styled animals intertwined into tight patterns. Their noses and necks had the upwardly curled appendages. Many loops were featured in the Urnes style as well. 

Uppland runestone with Viking Urnes style

Uppland runestone with Urnes style

Viking Urnes style was the last phase of Viking art

Viking brooches with Urnes styles

Viking brooches featured Viking Urnes style

Viking Urnes style on Viking ornament

Viking Ornament patterned with Viking Urnes style

Viking Urnes church door

Patterns on the door of Urnes Church in Norway

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