5 Unknown Norse Figures Related to Important Events

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5 Unknown Norse Figures Related to Important Events

How many characters' names in Norse mythology that you can say? Odin, Thor, Loki, Baldur, Frigg? We even know numerous things about these figures because after all, they were the main characters in Norse mythology. But Norse myth also needed a system of supportive characters whose lives were as interesting as Odin and Thor. Below are 5 Less Known Norse Figures Related to Important Events


Sigyn was one of the wives of Loki. But she was not the mother of Jormungand, Fenrir, and Hel. Sigyn and Loki had sons whose names varied from account to account. The important event the Sigyn joined was the punishment of Loki. 

When Loki faced the severe punishment of the gods, Sigyn appeared. Nearly the course of the myth, no one knew who Sigyn was. This time, the punishment for Loi was the most severe for killing Odin's son, Baldur. Gods bound Loki to the rock with the entrails of the son of Loki and Sigyn. Skadi the giantess of ice and winter placed a snake above the head of Loki letting it drop the venom onto Loki's face. 

Loki punishment by god. Sigyn and Loki. Sigyn was the wife of Loki. She always stayed no matter what Loki had done

Sigyn holding the bowl to collect the venom of the snake

Sigyn was the only one who accompanied Loki into his punishment. She held a bowl to collect the venom of the snake. Every time she turned away to empty the bowl, the venom hurt Loki to the point that he created an earthquake to Midgard. 


Elli was a giantess that happened to meet Thor and his companions. But no love story started here. Because Elli was an old woman who volunteered to do a wrestling combat with Thor.

Elli and Thor in the wrestling battle

Elli and Thor in the wrestling battle where Elli defeated Thor

And it was an important event in Norse mythology. Because during this event, Thor was defeated by Elli, an old woman. But later, Thor realized that Elli was the embodiment of old age. Who could defeat old age then? Everyone must fall when old age knocked at the door. 


Magni was among the children of Thor. What made Magni stand out was that he was the strongest god in Norse pantheon. Yes, he was the strongest and stronger than his father, Thor. 

One cool thing about Magni was that he was the heir to the Mjolnir hammer. When Ragnarok broke on the sky, Thor fell in his final battle. But Magni Thorsson survived. And according to the myth, Magni inherited the Mjolnir hammer and carried it to the new world. 


Vidar was the son of Odin. During the course of the mythology, Vidar was overshadowed by the glory of his brothers, Thor and Baldur. He had a castle in Asgard. In his castle, he created a garden full of green trees and flowers. He sat in his garden all day long. This coined him the name "God of Silence". 

But the power of silence was greater than noise once it decided to break the shell. The most important event in Vidar's life was that he was the killer of Fenrir the Wolf. 

Vidar vs Fenrir

Vidar Odinsson killed Fenrir in Ragnarok to revenge for Odin 

Odin met his sworn enemy, Fenrir, in Ragnarok. This battle put an end to Odin's life, making Fenrir become Odin's slayer as the prophecy. Thor fell in the battle too. And Baldur at that time was banished into Helheim. Vidar sought revenge for his father by killing Fenrir with his sword and magical boot. Then he became the God of Revenge. 


We might know that the Vikings loved mead - an alcoholic beverage. But we seldom know that in Norse mythology, one special type of mead was brewed from the blood of special creature. 

His name was Kvasir. He was the born when the gods spat their chewing blueberries into the vessel. Kvasir was among the most intelligent creatures in Nine Worlds. He could answer nearly every question anyone asked him. 

Kvasir Norse mythology was among the less known Norse creatures

Kvasir was killed by the dwarves who later used his blood to brew the Mead of Poetry

One day he was travelling to spread his knowledge, he met a pair of dwarves who invited him to their home. These dwarves killed Kvasir and brewed the most special mead from his blood. Then they called it the Mead of Poetry. After many challenges, the Mead of Poetry finally came back to gods who created Kvasir. 

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