3 Ideas of Thor's Tattoos for Thor Worshippers

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3 Ideas of Thor's Tattoos for Thor Worshippers

In the previous blog post, we have discussed the 5 Ideas of Odin's tattoos. The series of these ideas would never be complete without Thor. So in this blog post, we are to share top 3 Ideas of Thor's Tattoos for anyone who wishes Thor's presence in their life. 


Thor was the son of Odin the Allfather and the giantess Jord. He was among the strongest gods in Norse mythology. Thor's sworn enemy was Jormungand whom Thor faced twice in Norse mythology. 

The depiction of Thor varies from artists to artists partly because of his modern adaption into movies. But generally, Thor often appears as a man with muscular, beard, and sometimes armour. That is Thor in Norse mythology. 

A tattoo of Thor himself right on the body is nothing but perfect for those who truly wish for Thor's blessing and power. 

Not only was Thor a mighty god but he was also generous. Thor helped defend the humanity against the evil spirits. Mjolnir Hammer Thor Tattoo

Mjolnir Hammer Thor Tattoo

Viking Tattoo Thor Tattoo

Viking tattoo inspired by Thor


Without Mjolnir, there would have been no such a powerful Thor. Mjolnir was a gift from Loki. It was created by the dwarves the most talented craftsmen in the Nine Worlds. 

The giants were afraid of the Mjolnir hammer of Thor. Because Thor was always willing to wield his hammer to smash the skull of any giant. 

A tattoo of Mjolnir presents for his superpower and blessings. According to the myth, Thor would join the formal ceremonies in Midgard and grant blessings with his Mjolnir hammer. 

Mjolnir Thor Hammer Viking Tattoo

Mjolnir Thor Hammer Viking Tattoo

Mjolnir Thor Hammer Viking Tattoo


Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjorstr were the goats of Thor God of Thunder and Lightning. They presented Thor's presence and power. Thor would use his Mjolnir hammer to kill the goats for meat. And the next day he used his hammer to resurrect his goats. 

Every time Tanngrishnir and Tanngnjorstr pulled the chariot through the sky, it made the sounds of the thunder and storm. 

Thor goats tattoo Viking tattoo ideas inspiration

Thor goats tattoo Viking tattoo ideas inspiration

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