Thor’s hammer Mjolnir Tattoo

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Thor’s hammer Mjolnir Tattoo

Mjolnir hammer can be considered to be the most recognizable weapon in Norse mythology. Hardly could any weapon in Norse myth rival its power and fame. Maybe due to this, Mjolnir tattoo has become one of the most favored tattoos in this day and age.

Thor and Mjolnir hammer

Thor was one of the most revered gods in Norse mythology. He was the product of a love affair between Odin the Allfather and the giantess Jord (Earth). Being half-god and half-giant, Thor possessed an incredible strength that no one in the cosmos could ever knock him down. Thor and his wife Sif produced their children who would inherit the Mjolnir hammer after Ragnarok. The Mjolnir hammer became the weapon of Thor thanks to Loki Norse Trickster. Loki once traveled to Svartalfheim Land of the Dwarves and begged the dwarves to create some treasures. One of those dwarves-made treasures was the powerful Mjolnir hammer. Once hurled, the hammer would never miss the target and it would return to Thor’s hand promptly. The power of Mjolnir was mainly connected with creating lightning, thunder, and storm.

Image of Thor hammer Mjolnir tattoo

Thor and Mjolnir hammer

Mjolnir hammer was used by Thor to defend Asgard and gods. Thor also utilized the Mjolnir hammer to protect the humans. Mjolnir hammer became the symbol of defense and protection. But it is important to realize that the type of protection that Mjolnir provides is different from the shield for us to hide behind. Its use as a weapon would mean its direct and active use for protection.

It was also more than a weapon. It became the symbol that sanctified. As Thor used it to give blessings in birthdays and weddings, it became the symbols of blessings accordingly.

Mjolnir Tattoos are preferred today

The Norse myth has spread out, especially Thor and the Mjolnir hammer. Being the god who was kind and always protected men, Thor is loved. People have used many ways to express their love and favor to Thor. Beautiful Mjolnir hammer jewelry, clothes, or any designs. However, tattooing might be the ultimate method because a tattoo will last a lifetime on our body. The Mjolnir tattoos, actually, do not only express our love for Thor and our wish for protection, but they are also awesome tattoos in appearance.

Where to Tattoo?

The position to ink a Mjolnir tattoo can be anywhere you like, either visible or invisible to the other people. A big Mjolnir tattoo near shoulders or hands will work for the men who want to present their masculinity. To the women, a small Mjolnir in the back neck or wrist will be a good idea. The Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson has a small lovely Mjolnir hammer tattoo in her wrist and it rocks! Anyway, it all depends on your liking, anywhere in your body part that you find it meaningful and you want to have the Mjolnir tattoo there.

Image of Mjolnir tattoo on wrist

Mjolnir tattoo on wrist

Image of Mjolnir tattoo on hand

What to Tattoo?

There are many ideas for the Mjolnir tattoos. The Mjolnir hammer alone is not bad. But you can creatively mix up the Norse and Viking symbols to invent your own Mjolnir hammer. For example, the Mjolnir hammer with the Valknut symbol inside or the Triquetra symbol will suit each other. In fact, just tattoo what you like, any symbol with the Mjolnir hammer. Because after all, it is yours and it will follow you to the rest of your life. It also carries some meanings to you. So, choose the symbols that you like to mix with your Mjolnir tattoo. Think outside the box!

Image of Mjolnir tattoo with runesImage of Mjolnir tattoo with Valknut

Image of Mjolnir tattoo

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