Why People Didn’t Want Baldur’s Death To Happen in Norse Myth?

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Why People Didn’t Want Baldur’s Death To Happen in Norse Myth?

Some might think that the question is quite ridiculous. Because after all, whoever wanted the death of a god in Norse mythology? But I bet many Viking enthusiasts have this question lingering in their mind. So here are three reasons why no one wanted Baldur’s death.

The most beloved god in Norse mythology

Yes, Baldur was the most beloved god in Norse mythology. Legend had it that Baldur was the son of Odin and Frigg – the king and queen in Asgard.

Baldur grew up to become a handsome man. He was tall and shining. People in Norse cosmos loved him not only because he was handsome but because he treated people with fairness as well. That’s why people wanted to be with Baldur. In some sources, Baldur was called the God of Justice for his fair treatment.

Baldur the Beloved God

The Shining God 

The only apparent heir to the throne

As mentioned above, Baldur was the only son of Odin and Frigg. While Odin was the  King of Asgard, Frigg was the only queen of Asgard. Although Odin had many other sons with other women, Frigg was the only queen though.

This made Baldur become the only one who could take the throne of Odin. So if Baldur was no more, who would take the throne? And if the throne of Norse Pantheon had no ruler, there would be no Pantheon.

The first sign of Ragnarok

In Norse mythology, the death of Baldur was the very first sign of Ragnarok.

When Baldur became a man, he started dreaming of his own death. The Norse Norns once prophesied that the death of God Baldur was the first sign of Ragnarok which meant Norse Pantheon was drawing to an end. Odin and his fellows did attempt to either prevent or prepare for this final battle. They did try to find the way to save Baldur but failed. 

Frigg the Queen travelled around the cosmos asking everyone not to harm Baldur. She asked everyone except for the small mistletoe which was left behind for unknown reason. When Loki learnt of this secret, he made an arrow from a mistletoe. And whoosh! The arrow hit Baldur right in the chest leaving him dead right on the spot. 

The Death of Baldur

The Funeral of Baldur

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