Storm Revealed 1500 Year Old Viking Mound

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Storm Revealed 1500 Year Old Viking Mound

The archaeologists have announced that a storm in Orkney Islands revealed ancient human bones belonging to those who probably lived 1500 years ago. 

According to the archaeologists, this burial mound dated back to the middle of the 6th century. At this point, Orkney was inhabited by native Pictish people, akin to the Picts who inhabited most Scotland now. 

Almost a thousand years ago, it was used and many of these burials dating back to the 9th century and 15th century belonged to the Vikings. These Norsemen had taken over the Orkney Islands. 

Viking Burial Mound

And what is destined to come comes. About 250 skeletons were removed from the burial 50 years ago. Gradually, waves ate away the low cliff where the ancient cemetery was. For the discovery of the skeletons, the archaeologists had no idea how far the graveyard extended back from the beach. Many of the skeletons must be somewhere out there. 

For thousand years, the island was inhabited and many of the archaeological sites have been preserved in Europe. 

Concern is now growing up because of the consistent bad weather on the site. The archaeologists show their concern as to the waves and storms might destroy the remains left in the cemetery. Bones are typically covered with clay to protect them or found in the sandstone cliffs. 

Viking Burial Mound

However, they are not sure whether all of the bones belong to the Vikings or the Picts. No burial objects or funeral clothes were left inside the burials. 

The historians say that the first Vikings moving to Orkney settled down there around the late 8th century. They used the Orkney islands to launch voyages and raids. Gradually, they dominated the island. Maybe the answers lie somewhere in the near future. 

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  • I’ve always been interested in the Viking life. My maternal grandfather was from Norway his name was Henry Trulson and my paternal grandfather was from Denmark. I only know he changed his name when he came to America to Sam Thompson I don’t know what his name was before.. I found this magazine called The Complete Guide To The Vikings very interesting. I found That Freydis was the daughter of Eric the Red love this history.

    Bonnie Macedo on

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