Who Were the Norse Water Deities?

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Who Were the Norse Water Deities?

Every important element in the cosmos had a god as a personification. The same thing happened to Norse mythology. Many of the key elements in the cosmos were presented by a specific deity. BaviPower is going to discuss the Norse Water Deities in this blog post. Actually, not 100% of them were god or goddesses as some were the giant. 


Aegir or Ægir was a sea giant who was associated with the ocean. Though Aegir was a giant (the giant race bore a grudge against the gods), he had a very good relationship with the Norse pantheon. Aegir even held many lavish and elaborate parties for the gods. 

Image of Aegir Norse god of water

Depiction of Aegir ocean giant

Nine Daughters of Aegir 

Nine Daughters were the wives of Odin the Allfather. They presented the waves of the ocean. One day, as Odin was walking along the beach, he came across nine beautiful giantesses who were falling asleep. Impressed by the beauty of the giantesses, Odin decided to marry all of them on the spot. This quick and somewhat awkward love affair gave birth to the Asgard watchman Heimdall. 


Mimir was not actually a god, but rather a mysterious creature. He was the guardian of the Mimir's Well. The water from the Well of Mimir would give the drinker the wisdom to answer any question. Odin the Allfather once traded his eye with Mimir to be allowed to drink the holy water from the well. 


Njord was actually the Vanir chief god whose children were god Freyr and goddess Freya. Njord was the sea god, especially of seafaring. Njord once married Skadi the giantess of winter, skiing, and mountains. But this marriage fell apart as the two could not bear with the things that their partner embodied. 

Image of Njord and Skadi

God Njord and Giantess Skadi

Other Norse water deities

Rán - She was the sea goddess. Her main responsibility was to collect the drowned in her net. She was also the wife of Aegir

Saga - She was the goddess in the form of the waterfall. 

Freyr - He was the god of rain, sunlight, and summer. Freyr was the son of Njord and the twin brother of goddess Freya. 


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